Live stream freezes since latest update

Since updating 5 Wyze cams to the latest firmware last weekend, I can no longer see Livestream when attempting to do so remotely. On site no problem, just when off-site. The app will connect and will show a current freeze frame, and that’s it. Click is frozen, no motion displayed. Events are recorded though and alerts are received

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Image is frozen, not Click - typo.

Have you tried power cycling the cameras? If that doesn’t work I’d try a factory reset.

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Power cycle is handled daily by smart plugs, and that didn’t fix it. Factory reset not possible as I am now remote from the cameras for an extended time period.

You could also try deleting the Wyze app and reinstalling it.

If I’m remote, how do I get the cameras recognized again ?

Yes, new app does not connect nor stream from my remote cameras either. Been a week now, I submitted a ticket with logs, but there has been no feedback. Older app on separate iPad, right next to the new app on the newer iPad, connects and streams just fine. How does one check the status of submitted tickets?


Just delete the app then reinstall it. Then you will need to login with your Wyze account information. (email and password you used to sign-in to the app)

No that doesn’t fix the problem. The problem appears to be with auto-negotiation of camera resolution upon connection attempts. Why do the connections start with HD attempts? And fail to negotiate down to a lower resolution that would allow low bandwidth streaming. I also think there must be some arbitrary thresholding of not allowing connections below some perceived quality level. App or camera settings should allow forced resolution settings or auto-negotiated resolution setting as a users preference.

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I’ve been talking to someone else here on the community with the same issues. I think this is definitely an app problem. @WyzeGwendolyn could you notify the team about this issue!

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Yes, definitely an app problem. Sorry if I mistakenly interrupted this thread with an App issue. Looks like the thread started as a firmware update streaming problem. But there is also an app streaming/connection problem, don’t know if they might be related. Again the real kicker is that side-by-side, an older app version can connect to and stream from the same cameras, while the current app updated a week ago cannot.

I think that they might be! A lot of people are having issues loading the live stream but only on iOS devices.

I see that the latest firmware notes state that it “Improved Google Nest Hub streaming”. Hopefully not at the expense of Wyze App streaming.

I have not updated the app on my iPhone, so I’m not running the “new” app as far as I can tell. I don’t have Background App Refresh turned on for Wyze either. So is it an app issue or firmware issue ?

Also, unless I’ve missed something somewhere, there needs to be a way to load existing camera info to a “reloaded” app. It’s impossible today when you are remote from the camera’s and for whatever reason an app reload is required.

I deleted the App, and then downloaded it again and logged in with my Wyze account and all my cameras are there.

I don’t quite now what you meant by this. When you sign back in to your Wyze app all of your devices should be there even if you’ve using a different network.

Oh, sorry. I was under the false impression that when you reloaded the app you also needed to setup each camera again, with the QR code etc. My mistake

Thanks for tagging me in! I’ll report this to the team. Could folks running into the freezing issue please confirm your app and camera firmware versions for me?

Also, if you don’t mind, please send in a log through Account > Help & Feedback and let me know the log number that is created.

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Ok just submitted a new ticket with logs after a 5-try connection attempt. All version details are in the ticket, but will repeat here.

Camera firmware:
Wyze App: 2.11.41
iOS: 13.5.1 (Also happened with previous version)

Ticket Number: 20837

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