V3 video "glitches" every 2 seconds

Hello everyone!
I have (2) v3’s & (1) WCO. Of the (3), (1) v3 has this minor (but infuriating once you see it) “glitch” that happens roughly every 2 seconds. Not sure if it has something to do with the sensor/processor of the camera…? Anyway, this specific v3 is the first one that I received and it was one of the first initial batch of pre-ordered v3’s to have shipped. The second v3 was purchased much later and does not seem to have this glitch at all. I’ve seen a few other videos on the forum that have the same glitch that mine has.

I’ve reached out to Tech Support (Ticket# 1081618) and been given the run around about uninstalling the app, ensuring stable internet connection, troubleshooting for blurry, off-color, or tinted images and ensuring the cam’s firmware is updated (This one is valid and confirmed,, which is the same as the other v3 I have). Did all the troubleshooting but the issue persists, I believe it is an issue with the camera as it does it not matter what I app I view it in (both live view and recordings). The glitch is most prevalent at the bottom of the frame.

Am I being overly particular? I know it’s minor and possibly “nit-picky” but part of me feels like the image should be steady and smooth. (seriously looking for feedback. If responses are that I am a loon, then at least I know my place!)


Link to another:

This is interesting. I thought they all had that glitch. I wonder if they changed something in the later batches if you’re saying later batches don’t have the glitch.

I wonder if that glitch in early models is enough to ask for a warranty replacement to get a later model that doesn’t have the glitch.

Can anyone else confirm if any of the later orders still have the glitch, or if any of the early models don’t? Perhaps anyone who ordered in the first 1-2 months has the glitch, and everyone who ordered in the second wave or later doesn’t have the glitch.

Not sure if it would qualify for a warranty replacement anyway (their margins were only 3% on these at launch, and replacing tens of thousands or hundreds of thousands of them would be devastating just on the shipping costs alone, let alone the product swaps or fixes), but if it did, I can certainly understand a company not advertising it…though one of Wyze’s cardinal rules is to be friends with customers and be more transparent, so it would be nice for someone from Wyze to at least comment on this widespread glitch issue in some way.

I played that video twice, once full screen, and stared. I don’t see any glitches?

:slight_smile: Like I said, it is subtle. if you watch the bottom of the frame (particularly down by the time stamp), you will see what I can only describe as a “glitch” or frame skip every 2 seconds pretty much on the dot. It only really seems to affect the bottom half of the frame.

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It’s like a quick flash or adjustment. For some people it’s easier to see when there is motion, others when there isn’t supposed to be any motion.

Watch the bottom of the screen (like from the timecode downward) on this video:

Once you see that, you should be able to notice it in other videos too.


Oh okay. I don’t know a whole lot about video but that seems like updates to the otherwise static key frames due to small movement of the foliage. The car section isn’t being updated because it’s more stable.

Essentially, compression artifacts. The V3 is reported to he more aggressive (and lower bandwidth) in this respect.

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If it is compression related, that would be great. Because I would assume that if this issue gets enough visibility, Wyze might be able to fix it in a future firmware push. Upon further inspection my newer v3 also has the same issue, however it is much more subtle.

1st v3, installed 11/23/2020
2nd v3, installed 01/23/2021

Also, while watching my live feed and keeping an eye on the connection speed, there does seem to be
a wave of speeds that refresh every 1 second.
(for example)
1s - 140 KB/s
2s - 80 KB/s
3s - 150 KB/s
4s - 85 KB/s
so on, and so on.
Perhaps the dip in speed is causing the artifact/glitch?

When watching the same thing as above on the WCO, the same speed wave happens, but there is no artifact/glitch. Thought this was worth noting.

@WyzeGwendolyn Any chance you would be able to tell us if this is a known issue and if it is being worked on?

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I also want to add and be very clear that I love my v3’s. If it wasn’t for them, I wouldn’t be able to share giving myself a concussion with all of you!

What I ran into is a “trashchute” that I built for renovating a bedroom, so I could toss all the junk out the window, down the chute and into the trailer. Worked great until I forgot it was there…


How long is your usb cable? I have a v3 on a 50ft cable and one on a 25 foot cable. The one one the 50 footer is a little glitchy, the other is perfect. I attribute it to the length of the cable. I’ve got a 5v 2 amp power brick coming in the mail to give it a little more juice, hopefully thay fixes it, but it’s not too bad the way it is now

:rofl: Thanks for sharing, I loved it. At least it didn’t appear to be too severe. Just bad enough to be funny later, but not bad enough to be not funny. :slight_smile:

You can definitely see the glitches there too.

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I’m running both v3’s with stock Wyze usb cables that came with the cams.

Yep, not too bad! Just about 1 weeks worth of headaches and some minor vision issues. But all good and can certainly laugh about it!

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I never use night vision on any of my V3’s, but I am curious to hear from someone if the glitch is there during night vision recording too because night vision changes things to function a little differently, including lower FPS, less bandwidth and processor strain, etc. On some V2’s there are big glitch differences…for example, I have a V2 where daylight recording has a ton of skipped frames, making videos run at 2X speed during playback (without camplus), but Night vision works perfectly fine (and both work fine if I use camplus, it just glitches in the daytime without camplus).

Anyone have a V3 night vision video they can upload for us to inspect? It would be good to test it with both Near and Far IR running or not running too. We may be able to help narrow down the issue for the devs. anyone willing to do some tests (I’m too swamped with some deadlines right now to do it myself).

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That’s good stuff. Glad you’re okay.

The “dip in speed” could make perfect sense if it corresponds to less change in the view (and a corresponding decrease in bandwidth needs while the extra compression kicks in). Maybe.

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As others have said, that little jitter in the video every ~2 seconds is related to the keyframes & video compression. Other (usually more expensive) cameras and video recorders allow for some flexibility with regard to keyframe configurability.

And yes, this is something that Wyze could alter with a firmware update.


I stared nothcing this issue with video clips from the V3s i have after the iOS 15 update installed on my iphone.

Does not happen on my older iphone still running iOS 14.x or my Android phone running Android 12 beta.

Wyze please fix this.

Happens on Android 11 too…

I have the same issue. I found when I move Cam Plus to V2 cams same issue with glitches. I’ve rebooted routers cams and found it only happens with plus. On my Itouch everything works fine no matter what I do.