Problem with camera V2 and V3

First of all excuse my English as it my second language.
I have a few complaints about the v2 and V3.
-V2 problems are I keep hearing people voices and thuds and sometimes foot-steeps, I made sure the WiFi signal is good and no interfering.
-V3 problems are static noises, and sometimes in the morning it keeps flashing green and lighter green tints, also live streaming shows green tint but in the recording is not.
-Additonal problems about the app.
I have all my cameras in a group and when I turn off my cameras at one click, all but one V3 won’t turn off, so weird.
And lastly when live-streaming and you zoomed in the button “playback” is overlay the livestream, is this a bug or the feature of the app?

Thanks for reading my ranting.