V3 CAM Plus - Many clips say "Live" in red box where time should be

For the past week or so many of the motion activated CAM Plus clips that are sent to the cloud have the word “Live” in a red rectangle box where the time (as in length) of the clip should be. When this happens, the ability to fast forward the clip is lost.

I have also noticed that these clips always have a 5 minute time frame associated with them when viewing them in the list of events. When I click on the clip and watch the entire thing (in 1x mode because the ability to FF is lost) many of the clips are far shorter than 5 minutes and the red box updates with the actual time/length of the video. Once that completes, the ability to FF to 2x or 4x is there again. However, if I leave that clip and go back to the events view, the 5 minutes is still there. When I click on the click the “Live” red box is also there again. I have provided a few screen shots of the same clip.

The first pic is what I see when I first open the clip from the event list. The second pic is what it looks like if I view the clip from the beginning and let it play at 1x. Notice the red box updates with the correct time/length of clip. The third screenshot is what happens if I click the replay icon (round circle in middle of screen) to replay the clip.

Is anyone else noticing this behavior? Has anyone else ever seen this behavior? Does anyone have ideas on how to address this issue?


First opened from event list:

Once played to the end at 1x:

After playing at 1x and then hitting refresh button (round circle with arrow in middle of screen):

From what I have observed, you get LIVE when the clip is still being uploaded. Once the upload is completed, normal function is available.


Thanks for your reply. In my case, there are several events recorded from the same camera after these clips. Also, I’m viewing these clips WAY more than 5 minutes after the start of the event.

In my experience I get live when the event is still in progress, but it’s a purple tag on the event video that says Live, and I’m still able to rewind the clip. There’s no red tag. After the event is over (or 5 min) it goes to a normal event forevermore


Thanks for your reply. None of the event clips that I’m mentioning are still in progress. I’m viewing them WAY more than 5 minutes after the start of the event. Furthermore, there are several events from the same camera posted to the cloud after the events mentioned.

Weird… we’re those events after the one your mentioning also tagged “live” like the first one? Or were they normal

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I’ll get dozens (if not more) events that are fine/normal. Then I’ll get one or two, sometimes 3 of these strange events in a row followed by dozens (if not more) normal events.

I’m headed out for a bit, so won’t be able to reply further for about 4-5 hours. Thanks for your time!

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That’s strange, when your able to try clearing the app cache and force closing, see if those events all display normal again. If not, view the event and submit a log please. Thanks!

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The screen with the “Live” red indicator and the time slider bar is actually the AWS KVS Live Stream interface that Wyze moved away from earler this year. This made many people unhappy.

Wyze made the decision at that time to use the more stable TUTK Live Stream that will launch you into the standard Live Stream UI if a video was still in the process of recording. The AWS KVS allows for rewinding and fast forwarding from live to the start of the event by manipulating the timeline whereas the TUTK does not.

Many users would be very jealous that you are getting theses at such a high frequency as this is desired by many to be able to immediately scroll the timeline of the video rather than be launched to a live stream where they cannot see what initiated the event and have to wait until the entire video is complete and loaded before they can view what initiated the event.

This has been discussed in great detail and requested in the Wishlist here:

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I always get the slider…

Now I gotta check again lol

I have been getting the slider for a few months now.

I assumed the red box with “live” meant that when the slider got to the end of the clip on the right then it meant that you were watching a live view.

That is exactly what it means. Live viewing at the right hand side of the slider. It should already launch into this view with the dot on the right side in “live stream” and you would have to pull it back to rewind to the beginning of the event.

Haven’t seen it once on mine. :face_with_symbols_over_mouth:

Things got busy and I wasn’t able to get back to this as soon as I had hoped. In any case, I had already cleared my app cache prior to posting. I did that a couple of days ago thinking it might fix the issue.

I just did as you suggested and watched a clip in my event list that is labeled as “5m” long from 5:25pm CDT today. When I opened the clip it had the red “Live” just like the image I shared above. I let the clip play and the red “Live” changed to a red box that says “00:43/00:43” After sitting on the clip for about 10-20 seconds, the video reset itself to the beginning, the red box around the time went away, the time changed to 00:00/00:43, and the 1x (aka fast forward button) appeared.

When I go back to the event list, this clip is still shown as 5m. When I click on the clip from the event list, the entire process repeats itself again. It is current 7:30pm CDT. This is the newest v3 camera that I own with a brand new 32GB SD card in it, which was activated less than a month ago.

Log ID: 753567

When I typed the note for the log, I made mention of the title of this forum thread.

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Thanks for the details. Could you also provide your app version and OS version. Thanks

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Good morning. I have a full day today, so won’t be able to correspond much here on the forums. With that said here is the information you requested.

I use an Android device
Android version: 12
Base Version: A716USQU6EVG3
Build number: SP1A.210812.016.A716USQU6EVG3
Android security patch level: July 1, 2022 (My provider hasn’t pushed out a more recent update)

WYZE App is: 2.35.0 (88)
My V3 cameras are running the most current production release of firmware:

If you need additional logs please let me know. I’ll do what I can late this evening.
Thanks much and have a great day ahead!

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Hmm, I am wondering if this severe signal degradation would have anything to do with it? This image is of all 2.4 GHz networks picked up in my area by my WiFi monitoring card and application software.

My camera network is in purple. The lower the number on the right (notice they are negative numbers) the worse the signal is. As you can see, “something” is happening to degrade my signal. I added the red line so it is easy to see just how bad the signal is being degraded. This happens no matter which channel I use for my WiFi network.

I have also seen events that literally skip minutes within the same clip. In other words, the event will record consecutive time, then skip a minute or so, then record again. These events always have the red “Live” box in the lower right corner (when I first view them) as mentioned above.

Late Edit:
Here is an example of a video that skips time. This video has the red colored “Live” box when I first open it in the WYZE app. As mentioned above, after watching the clip, the proper amount of time associated with the length does show up within the app. However, some times when this happens I am observing chunks of time missing from the clip.

Watch the time within this video (which is unlisted on my YouTube channel). It starts at 9:58:04 and play through to 9:58:50. Then it skips ahead to 10:02:01 and plays through to 10:02:28.

All of this started within the past several weeks - after talking to my neighbor about the de-authentication attacks being sent to my access point. The de-authentication attacks stopped that same day, then this problem started within the following week.

Sample Video shows time gap

What do you think of this forum mavens? @IEatBeans

Yea, if your WiFi network is suffering, then I can certainly imagine that could cause weird issues with your cams. Is it skipping these same times in the SD card (If you have one)?

Is it doing it to all your cams?

Everything is A-ok on the SD cards.

This problem occurs on the three v3 cam-plus cameras that have the most events. My 4th cam-plus V3 has yet to have the issue, but it isn’t triggered with motion very often. My other three V3s that are not on a cam plus subscription never have the issue.

My wireless access point is less than 2-years old and is WiFi 6 certified. However, I am considering replacing it because of this issue. Personally I do not believe the access point is the root cause, but I’m willing to throw some money at the problem. If a new AP doesn’t resolve the issue I will simply return it.

I’m just experiencing this now. From what Ive read elsewhere it means someone was watching the feed live? Did you ever figure out what was the cause of this?

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Welcome to the Wyze User Community Forum @l_quenneville! :raising_hand_man:

The red “Live” label in the Events List or the Event Player does NOT mean someone is accessing your video. There is no indicator in the app that will do that.

It means that the Event is still actively being uploaded by the cam. The Event is “Live” and still happening.

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