Rewind Live Events - Bring It BACK!

For some reason this function was removed but it was the reason why I bought all of my cameras. Bring back the rewind controller at the bottom of the live motion event so we can see what triggered the motion in the first place. Otherwise we have to wait some indeterminate amount of time and by then it’s too late.

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[Mod Note]: Screenshot added for reference:

This is discussed here: Latest App update has another mistake! - #40 by ShardlowM

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There should be an option to do both, a per camera setting to either send you to events or send you to the live view. Another option could be to do live view, but if the event is alreayd over and procesed, like if you click the notification later in the day, it will take you to the event.

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A user preference setting would be preferred over the current forced Live View. However, since this is server side routing that was changed reportedly for:

  1. Enhancing User Experience
  2. Stability
  3. Responsiveness

I don’t see Wyze offering the user a preference. Rather, Wyze will be telling the user what their personal preference is…, because we just aren’t capable of knowing what preference of ours is better for the Wyze bottom line.

This is the way it is operating now. If the Notification is pressed after the recording has been completed and secured on the AWS servers, it will take you to the Event Video and play like a standard Event Video would in the AWS KVS Video Stream screen with the timeline slider and speed controls.

It is only while the event remains live and is still being recorded and saved to the AWS servers that users are being diverted to the TUTK Live View. Even if you do not use the notification to launch the event and you are in the Events tab and the event video thumbnail shows with no video duration but shows as “Live”, it will take you to the TUTK Live View.

The really odd thing right now is that there have been repeated sightings by multiple users of the highly coveted AWS KVS Live View Time Slider screen (the very same beast sought in this wishlist topic) since they made this change and discontinued use of the AWS KVS Live View feature.

The response from Wyze above was posted on 4\29\22, however this sighting was from 6\19\22:

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