Live Events still being recorded missing playback controls now

Used to always be able to rewind current Live motion events via playback controls but they are now missing. Whenever I get a notification for my v3 cam that there’s motion especially for a Person I could view the event while it’s still Live and even rewind it. That ability is gone now. Was this feature removed?

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Do you have Cam Plus or Cam Plus Light?

I pay for Cam Plus. I’ve had it since they rolled it out a couple years ago. The controls are there for all other events except for the Live event that’s currently being recorded. I was always able to rewind to the beginning of the event even though it was Live and see what the trigger was. Now the controls are gone.

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Check this out. You are not alone.

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I started another topic before @SlabSlayer pointed me to this one. ( Thanks for the link SlabSlayer)

Another mess up with an app update - By the time I can look at the start of the event, whatever triggered it has long gone.

As soon as the notification arrives I need to look at the video and move the slider to the beginning so that I can go outside and scare foxes away before they cause any damage.

At the moment I cannot do this.

I am getting to the point where I am very apprehensive about installing app or firmware updates because more often than not it seems like they break something.

I really am trying to stay with Wyze - but I am thinking of moving to something else if this unreliability continues. It is almost impossible to use Wyze as the basis of a security system


Thanks! That’s exactly what’s going on. Having to wait until the entire event is recorded before I can rewind to see what the trigger was renders the camera useless for me.

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And it is so avoidable - just test updates properly before releasing them.

There does seem to be an increase in problems lately - unless Wyze changed this particular thing on purpose. The reason for doing so escapes me though.