Latest App update has another mistake!


The latest app update has ANOTHER mistake. Why does wyze always break stuff that was working properly.

If you view an event soon after receiving it you get a label saying “live”.

When you viewed the event there used to be a slider that allowed you to go to the start of the video to see what triggered the event.

After the last update the slider has gone! And so has the delete button.

So now - if the event was triggered by a fast moving object then the only view you get is the live view … And the object is long gone!!!

The only way to see what triggered the event is to keep refreshing until “live” changes to “xxx s”

Did wyze change this on purpose - and if so, why???

Just another annoying change for no reason I can see!


Same issue here:



If I go to the home screen and refresh it several times the "live"changes to a time and the controls return to the playback screen.

I often need to look at the playback quickly to see what triggered the event. Refreshing etc just wastes time.

I cannot think of any reason for purposely removing this feature.

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I’m agreeing with you. And there are others, that’s why I linked you so the collaborative effort to get it fixed\changed can begin.

I never really realized that the features were there in the first place and now they are not. I knew that when activating the Event video from the notification or Events tab would load the Live View if the video was still in the progress of recording, but I never had the experience of sliding back to origin on a Live View event.

Most of the time I am not able to click in that fast and the event is already done recording. Other times the AI takes so long to think about it I don’t get notified until it is done recording.

Can’t even begin to suggest a reason they would now restrict that. Probably a good post for the Wyze OP on the App Update thread and the next Fix It Friday thread


I use it all the time - I don’t use the AI and only have CamPlus for the extended recording time and no cool-down period.

We have a problem with foxes attacking hens and cats so I need to get out there to scare them off ASAP. At the moment I have no idea what has triggered an event until it has stopped doing its"live" stuff.


I’m here to follow. I submitted a ticket for this but got a generic email from support about needing to sign up for Cam Plus Lite to avoid seeing only thumbnails in the events log. WTH?!? Had to email back again and explain AGAIN this problem here. Seriously I should just quit this Mickey Mouse company and get a Ring.


I am getting to that point as well.


I finally got a response from customer support:


With the latest Wyze app version, a slight change was implemented when it comes to viewing ongoing events. We have listed below a few differences when viewing Live Events under both 2.29 and 2.30 versions of the app.

Under WyzeApp 2.29 version:

  1. When a user taps a Live event or Notification within 20 seconds, the app will route the user to the Live Page to view the ongoing event
  2. When on the Live Page, the user can swipe the screen either left or right to toggle between Ongoing and Saved Events.

Under the 2.30 app version:

  1. When a user taps a Live Event or Notification within 20 seconds, the app will route them to the Live Page to view the Ongoing Event.
  2. When a user is viewing an Ongoing Event on the Live Page, they will no longer be able to swipe left or right to switch between an Ongoing Event and Saved Events.
  3. The user will need to tap backward to exit the Live Page and go to the Events Page to view previously Saved Events.

I apologize if the recent change affected how you view your recordings and I will take this feedback to the appropriate department. Thank you and you have a good day ahead. Please feel free to let me know if you require further assistance.


It makes zero sense to remove this functionality. So if a killer or a dog or whatever is at my door and triggers my camera but then walks out of frame, I won’t be able to rewind the video until some later time after it’s finished recording and uploaded.

Way to shoot yourself in the foot, Wyze.


@jayjbarrow - I completely agree with you. It makes no sense to change this feature.


I think that I am going to start replacing my Wyze cams with something else. I have a big problem with foxes which I need to detect quickly and now I have to wait until the cameras stops recording before I can see what triggered an event.

I suspect you did this by mistake - you cannot have planned to make this change !!!


@WyzeJimmy @WyzeBaohua - please sort this stupidity out or explain how this is a positive change.


Stupidest. Downgrade. Ever! Why the frig would they even do that?!? Like, what committee sat around and thought this up? Hey! Let’s remove a heavily relied upon feature and make a function useless.


Just a hypothesis, but I would suspect this downgrade in functionality is related to the recent developments in CamPlus Lite to reduce the Wyze AWS expenses.

Previously, there was most likely bandwidth usage on the AWS servers where the recorded video resides if they allowed viewing of that video from the initial notification. That is to say that when you used to view the event from the notification, it was streaming you video on a microsecond delay from the AWS stored footage, not from the cam directly, thus allowing for the rewind capability on that stored footage, something not possible on a live stream from the cam.

Now, taking you to the live stream pulls directly from the cam to your device in real time and does not add the additional download bandwidth from the AWS servers for these Live View events. Less bandwidth = less cost. They are most likely trying to reduce the video download costs since they have less control over the upload freequency and duration.

Again… Spitballing. Would love to hear feedback on my hypothesis.


Considering I am a Cam Plus subscriber who has prepaid a year in advance since the beginning I’m pretty pissed that they took away something I felt I had already paid to use. They offered this capability from the beginning, then abruptly took it away without warning. I will not be renewing my Cam Plus subscription.

Whatever backend costs they are shouldering was unfortunately their decision. Perhaps they should stick to cameras instead of trying to branch out into too many other things. They’re spreading themselves too thin and simply cannot keep their heads above water it seems. What they’ve done is rendered the point of my camera COMPLETELY USELESS.


Agreed that they are steadily reducing functionality while increasing price, one would think they would be increasing functionality to attract customers.

I am a CamPlus Unlimited subscriber and I am not satisfied with much that has gone on in the last 6 months. I cannot recommend anyone start with Wyze until they get their problems fixed. Far too unstable right now. I should not be fearful of FW updates.

If you think about it, with all the quick sale gadgets with limited depth, their diversification into all that stuff tells a different story… Cash flow. They aren’t doing it out of innovation and integration, they are doing it to generate cash now to keep the lights on and repay investors. Their original security cam cloud video gamble proved far too costly.


I installed the latest Firmware yesterday - and wondered what it would break instead of wondering what it would fix.

I have an unlimited CamPlus subscription but doubt I will be renewing it. I am already researching alternatives to Wyze because I think they will disappear from the scene before long.

We don’t seem to be getting any comments from @WyzeJimmy etc on here.


This was actually a requested change in a recent fix-it-friday. Events are only processed by the AI 6 seconds in, and then you recive the notification. The rest of the 12 seconds passes, and then the event is uploaded after its done being procesed. This can sometimes take a minute or 2, so thats why sometimes when click on a notification you would get an error that this event hasnt been procesed yet. Wyze implemented a change that makes it so notifications take you to live view, so you always get whats actually happening that second, rather than waiting a minute for the event to be uploaded.

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In your top pic, thats the event page, but the bottom one is the live view. Thats why buttons and such are missing.

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My top pic is live view but it came from clicking the event in the events page - before the last update it looked like the other pic with a delete button and a slider.

I do not use the AI but I have an unlimited CamPlus subscription. The AI is not suitable for me as I have found it misses most things I want identifying - it misses my cat most times even when I see the cat walk in front of a camera … And it has no chance with foxes, badgers etc.

Surely Wyze can go back to how it was before the last update as it seems that you are saying they have changed it to speed up the processing in their system.

Maybe they need to get more processing power rather than restrict features in the app - like getting a car to use less fuel by not using it!

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Your top picture is of the events list, the middle one is of you viewing an event recording, and the bottom is of live view. You used to be brought to the event as soon as you click the notification, but that meant if you were too fast for the system it would have an error. Many people said they prefered just being brought to live view rather than an error message. Wyze has stated that they plan to overhaul this system at some point.

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I didn’t look at the order I posted the pictures.

What is the point at looking at a live view if the object that triggered it has left the field of view?

I can look at the live view any time from the home page - most animals move so quickly that they can trigger an event and leave the field of view before the system let’s me view the event.

I gave up with the AI as it was so unreliable that all it seemed to identify was people - cats, foxes etc were just tagged as motion - so I just use the ordinary motion to notify me of events.

Perhaps Wyze ought to have revamped their system before making changes like this. Removing features that people use is not progress.

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I need to rewind the video as soon as possible to see what triggered the event. Wyze took this away. It has been a necessity since day one. It was the reason why I bought my cameras with their notification process. Now it’s gone. Now I have cameras that are useless.