The slider is back!



The slider is back this morning - so it is now possible to rewind to the start of an event video before it has finished uploading!

THANK YOU Wyze - it is nice to see that you are listening.


That is good news! Please keep monitoring!

I have been excited to see it in the past as well only for it to be a fluke.

I will try to be quick on the draw as well and get to my notifications quick enough to test it.

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I remember you saying that the slider disappeared again quite quickly - so I am hoping it stays this time!

I’ll test it again later but all my events were fine for an hour or so this morning but I have switched my cameras off while I do some gardening.


Still working :slightly_smiling_face:

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I just tried mine and caught it at the tail end of the clip. Then it disappeared. We had a big storm the other night and my tarp collapsed at the upper left.


If you grab the for at the end of the slider you should be able to pull it back to the start of the event.

It used to be like this a few months ago but Wyze changed it but now they have restored this very important feature (for me at least).

I did. It was while watching the playback that the “live” disappeared.

:persevere: Nope. Just caught a P&P notification while recording. Went to TUTK Live View.

Nearly 24 hours - still working!


Very interesting.

I have been testing this. It seems to work on one of my V3, but not others. Don’t know if it is intermittent on the one V3 that it works on…yet.

Will have to test all 10 to see what I get.

Have you checked it in other cams?

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Same here.

What firmware version are you all running on the cams that have this restored functionality?

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All my V3 are on

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Thanks! I’ll check to see if this is occurring on beta cams today.

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I have eight V3s - all running firmware version


I have tested it on three of my eight V3s up to now - not tested them since early this morning.

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13 v3 cams running None have the event slider coming in from live notifications.

1 of 17 v3 cams running has the slider present.

Not sure what to make of any of this. :thinking:

Maybe they are rolling it out server side slowly? Cool to see it’s (hopefully) back

Highly doubt it. I think it has something to do with the routing of the live feed request and possibly the network load. Can’t really understand why only specific cams would get it if they are all on the same FW.

Like I said, I have seen this back in service multiple times since they took it away. Then it goes away again. I think there is some rouge routing code out there on one of the servers that never got updated.


All eight of my V3s have the slider - for how long though???

I really hope it is permanent - it is nice to be back to normal!


Perhaps they put you on a “special” list???

Or, maybe the European servers are rising up against the changes?

In any case, hope it stays out for you.

Probably won’t - such a shame as it actually made the cams useful.

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