V2 events 3001 error

Starting today 7/19 all my V2 cameras show error 3001 after playing an event video for a couple of seconds (4-6). V3 events are fine. This is all with cam plus lite. Please tell me wyze is not doing to the v2 what they did to the v1.

Just watched a bunch of events on three different V2 cameras (the only ones that had events today). All worked just fine.

Events tagged as person seem to work (only had 2) but not regular motion (all 30 → 3001), still happening

This is known and is getting weekly fix-it-Friday updates. The fix for this is currently in the QA phase:

So apparently the problem is getting worse not better since I had no problems till today.

Dude, they are effin’ with you. :wink: I just swiped-landscape through a bunch (20+) from early this morning through this afternoon without a hitch. I’ve been getting it only occasionally, otherwise. v2s cam plus lite.

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I have 3 V2 and 2 Outdoor. Two of my V2’s all of a sudden stopped working today. One of my Outdoors stopped working a week ago. I have had them for a few years and have had all kinds of issues… but have manage to fix those issues. Why have they just STOPPED working?
I don’t think I should have to spend this much time to get them to work properly. Would appreciate some recommendations on what I should do to get them working again. Thank You

I’ve had this issue for the last 3 months with no resolution. I’ve sent multiple tickets, chatted with live agents, and I’m on hold to speak with someone now. No product should have a major issue like this for months at a time. This has been beyond frustrating.

There is no incentive for me to pay for a product if it doesn’t even work with a free version.