Error (code3001): Uknown --- for weeks now!

I’m constantly getting this playback error that interrupts the 10 second reply of events:
“Error (code 3001): Uknown. Please try again later. If this happens again, please submit a developer log through Wyze Support in Settings”

I’ve submitted numerous error reports over the last few weeks for both (2) of the Wyze Pan v2 cameras used daily. And yet, still full of bugs.


I am sorry this is happening, this sounds like something you should contact support about.

Wyze Support

(206) 339-9646
Mon - Fri 4am - 8pm PT
Sat - Sun 8am - 4pm PT


I cannot upload a LOG COMPLAINT re this Error 3001 Code, your App will NOT upload my files, nor send the developer complaint. This accelerating since last FIRMWARE UPDATE 10-7-22

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I have been having the exact same issue wiht my Pan. It worked FINE before a recent update. Now it happens about on 30% of all detections.

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I’ve been dealing with this for a month now. I have submitted logs, made multiple phone calls, been on hold for hours at a time & Wyze won’t return my calls or fix this. There’s no updates in app or cameras & I’ve signed out & back in. I sure wish I could get help on this so it is permanently fixed.


If you are recording to SD card, try removing it to see if it is causing issues. If so, format it as FAT32.
If you are not recording to an SD card you can go through the initial setup process again to see if it resolves the issue.

Good luck!

WRONG- ERROR CODE 3001 UNKNOWN FIXED***when tech launched Firmware Update they FAIL TO NOTIFY THAT ALL DETECTION FIELDS ARE ERASED! TECH Stupidity! Just reset each Cams detection net field, a& VOILA! Error Code 3001 Unknown - is GONE. YOU’RE WELCOME!

WHEN ARE YOU GOING TO SUBMIT A FIX for the Error (3001) Code [Mod Edit] that started on virtually EVERY Event on all 3 cameras, since Oct 22 Firmware update?

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Can you elaborate where to find the “cams detection net field”, and how to reset it?
Thank you!

I’m having exactly the same problem on all my v2 cams for a while now as well.
Notifications don’t work reliably & trying to view an event results in this error code after 2 or 3s of the 12s video.

Is there a solution available?


It seems if you unplug the camera to reset it - leave it for a minute, and plug it back in, the problem goes away. It seemed to work for me today… It would be nice if Wyze just fixed their Bugs instead of spending so much on customer support and wasting all of their user’s time.

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a power cycle of the camera does not fix this problem for me.
I am pretty sure this is nothing to do with the camera or SD card & is purely a wyze app problem with the playback from AWS.

The “local” SD version of the same event plays fine from the SD-card (although the user interface is painful to use) & if I click the download button the video downloads fine & will playback fine on my phone.

For me it is clear the full video exists on the AWS but there is a problem with the playback in the wyze app.

Did anyone actually find a real solution that works 100% or get any confirmation from Wyze that it is a recognised bug & a solution is planned ?

I tried to submit a support ticket but I receive the message “Sorry, your request could no be submitted at this time. Please try again later.”

@WyzeJasonJ do you have any more information about the cause & resolution for this error code?
For reference, the log files I submitted are: 883494

Cam v2 - code 3001 - unplugged cam for a few. Replugged worked. Make sure net is 2.4g

I have used Wyze Cameras for 3 years now, and I have got to say the Software Bugs are monumental enough, that I am considering unplugging all 10 of cameras and throwing them out. The events are ‘jumpy’ a Rabbit shows up and moves a couple feet and then it moves 40 feet away… The error 3001 code continues. Wyze seems to have no interest in getting their software working back to the way it was 3 years ago… Even trying to post a message in this forum was an exercise in futility. Wyze - This is a wakeup call – Continue treating your customers like Crap and WE WILL LEAVE !! —