Error (code 3001)!

My Wyze app is current. And I have done the firmware update to all my cameras. Still getting ERROR (CODE 3001) When will this be addressed by Wyze???


I’m having the same problems. Submit logs with no response or acknowdgement from Wyze.


Everyone is having this problem. Wyze knows there’s an issue but appeases to be ignoring it. I will NOT BUY another thing from Wyze until they show some concern with products already out here. Their main concern now is putting out new products. And begging people to subscribe to Cam Plus.


I usually get that code when it’s my network .

People like to say that, like it’s “user error” or some BS, makes them feel smug or something!!

I’ve had my Wyze cams for years, my wifi network has not changed and I’ve just been getting this ‘error 3001’ the last couple months!!


I am also having the same problem with a couple of my cameras. It’s intermittent, and I have not identified anything that may correlate with the problem. Like some other posters, I have many cameras (V2 and V3) and I am in the market for some additional cameras, but I will not buy anything more from Wyze until they start fixing the services they previously sold to me.


Been more than patient for many many months. Was going to upgrade to V3 Pro, but will not do this. I accepted being forced into a subscription but if Wyze cannot get it together and still charges me a service charge I want it to work not be IGNORED!!!I no longer can recommend Wyze at all! We want this fixed not anymore cars, vacuums, watches!!


Still silence/crickets from Wyze, why???

We bought the product then got forced into paying for services to cover their salaries, and yet we get nothing on Error 3001… Wyze you guys need to do WAY BETTER! Not to mention after the V1 data leaks Wyze is no longer recommended by so many Reviewers, please get back to your roots, DO BETTER!


Got the newest update for the cameras yesterday, didn’t help…


I’m still getting the Error (code 3001) constantly. Apparently Wyze is not able to correct the problem. They just keep pushing more products. And begging people to get Cam Plus. I won’t buy anything else from them after seeing how they have done nothing to address this issue.


After the last set of upgrades, Error 3001 happened on all camera’s events
at 6 seconds into 12 seconds video.
The fix for me was to remove power from all camera’s for over a minute.


Well that’s interesting, did a long power cycle for my cameras last night and (surprisingly) so far I’ve not had one 3001 error.
Thanks drcphoneman! :+1:

<< EDIT >>
Spoke too soon, get many, many 3001’s every day


Sorry to hear that.
Still no errors

Been getting 3001 error code for 2 to 3 months maybe longer. Have reset detection zone and power cycled the cameras still get the error code. Both cameras are up to date with firmware.


The only one of our six cams NOT getting the 3001 errors is the one on the “cam plus” plan, pure coincidence I’m sure…


The only cam I have that isn’t getting the error is my wireless one. My other 2 seem to be getting the error code on every event clip worse now than it has ever been.

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Came here looking for a solution. Sad to see that it is only a ocean of confirmations on problems. Come on WYZE, get this done. You were a great company for many years. Don’t fall short now!

I own 2 x Wyze Cam V2’s (stationary), and 3 x Wyze Cam Pan’s. All of mine are having this same issue. They crap out at 3-5 seconds of playback. When reviewing the live feed, people and objects tend to lag/skip/teleport on the replay.

I have verified that all cameras are up to date, as well as my app software. My SD cards are not full. This is clearly not on my end (judging by all the comments above).


All v3s having 3001 errors again .
Not thrilled

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Just did a firmware update and the 3001 error is still there and seems to be even worse now. Used to get it on a few videos now it seems to be on every event playback.


Pretty sad WYZE is silent and still charging us for their so called premium service…

I regret buying so many cameras with subscriptions and telling friends and family about WYZE, I have stopped doing that now due to silence. Gave WYZE a pass on the V1 security fail, but not for the 3001 errors…