Error (code 3001)

What about the Error (code 3001) that started showing up immediately after the last firmware update… Cam Pan’s seam to be the worst. But this Error shows up on V2’s as well. I have seen this mentioned several times by others. But nor addressed by Wyze. Again, this started right after the resent firmware update.


Here is something in the Forums:


I really don’t think this is something I have to deal with. I have two V2’s and two Cam Pan’s that were working perfectly. This error started showing up immediately after the last firmware update on all 4 cameras. I have seen this mentioned by others. This is something that was caused by that update. And probably needs to be taken care of with another update.

I would submit a log and call into Wyze to see what they say or do.

Here is the phone number as it is easier to call at times:

or you can chat by going to the support page and scroll to the bottom:


There needs to be a new firmware update to repair the problem caused by the last one. I have seen this Error 3001 mentioned by many others. All saying it started immediately after the last firmware update.

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That is possible. Please note that this is a community forum. I am a community member like you . Wyze looks at the forums occasionally or when needed.

I would create a log and open a ticket. We need to make sure we get the information to Wyze


I appreciate your reply. But I just don’t have the time to do all that leg work for Wyze. They know when they have problems…
Really… The Wyze App needs to spend less time begging people to get Cam Plus. And more time concerned about how the cameras are operating.


3001 error shows up when viewing an event detection.
It happens since last firmware update .
A lot of users are reporting this issue .
Which is the status asking to Wyze tech support ? Are you going to pay attention to the claims ? Any answers?
Please feedback.
Thanks in advance .

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This has been mentioned many times already. Wyze must be aware of the problem. I’m waiting to see just how long they’ll wait to address it…
Once again… The Wyze App needs to spend less time begging people to get Cam Plus. And spend more time concerned about how the cameras are operating. The Wyze App seams to have turned into more of an advertising tool then an app to control Wyze products…

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Yeah - Wyze is probably aware of the problem, but they haven’t shared that information with their customers or their support representatives. The support team is still prescribing resets, logout, etc…

Resets and log in & out is their cure all. They always start out claiming the problem is on your end not theirs… The habit of ignoring customer complaints. And pushing new products while the old ones have issues will come back and bite them in the A$$…

Hmmm… I received a lengthy email from Wyze support today. In it was this paragraph:

To try and resolve this, I went ahead and make adjustments on your license to try and refresh the script of your Cam Plus Lite subscription. Kindly log out and log back into your Wyze app and check if you were able to add cameras to your service and then trigger an event.

I did logout and log back in. I was unable to add cameras, but videos since that time playback without the 3001 error. I’ll keep monitoring and checking all the cameras.

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WHEN ARE YOU GOING TO SUBMIT A FIX for the Error (3001) Code [Mod Edit] that started on virtually EVERY Event on all 3 cameras, since Oct 22 Firmware update?

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The fix is in beta testing status:

Wyze Cam v3 & Pan v2 Firmware Beta Test 10/26/2022

Wyze Cam v2 & Pan Firmware Beta Test 10/25/2022


Im still seeing the 3001 error code on my V2. Its been updated to the latest firmware. Any advice?

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I had same issue. Everything updated at same time. Had error 3001 at 6 seconds into 12 second record. Error occurred on all devices, except doorbell.
My fix was a hard power reset. Unplugged for at least 1 minute.

I didn’t have this issue last year when this thread was started, but it started showing up now in about half the events recorded by my Wyze Cam v2 since last week. It’s ongoing. Wyze Android app and cam firmware up-to-date. Wyze Cam v3 apparently not affected. Local recording to microSD card not affected. Live viewing not affected (no connection or streaming issues).

So it seems that Wyze has NOT solved this issue. Or a more recent firmware update caused the problem again.


Same here with the v2, up-to-date Android app and firmware, CamPlus Lite.

It seems that a power-off/on reset fixed the issue for me, at least for the moment.

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I’ve noticed that too. But only seams to help for a day or two…
This continues and wyze pushes headphones???