After 3 years or so, the Camera Software is getting so full of Bugs, that I don't think Wyze Cares anymore

I was forced to choose this category, as they don’t seem to have one for Software problems… I have used Wyze Cameras for 3 years now, and I have got to say the Software Bugs are monumental enough, that I am considering unplugging all 10 of cameras and throwing them out. The events are ‘jumpy’ a Rabbit shows up and moves a couple feet and then it moves 40 feet away… The error 3001 code continues. Wyze seems to have no interest in getting their software working back to the way it was 3 years ago… Even trying to post a message in this forum was an exercise in futility. Wyze - This is a wakeup call – Continue treating your customers like Crap and WE WILL LEAVE !! —

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+1 here. Have had wyze cams since they came out. I’m totally frustrated with the v3 Pro’s. I upgraded from V3 to V3 pros for 4 of my cameras and everyone has issues. I have to consistently unplug and reboot these several times a week as get the code 06 constantly as well. Never had any of these issues with the v3. You would think the never version would be better in every way, definitely not the case


It’s the latest software updates that have screwed everything up… I’ve got all the early versions of the Cameras and they have problems also…

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If you are really going to throw out your 10 cameras, please let me know. I’d like to have them. Thanks.

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I have 4 v3 Pros and there working just right with no issues all software and firmware and oss is current,even our V3 and ptz v2 are just fine

So, you’re saying that all of the other people here that have been having these errors (error code 3001 for instance) — for the last 6 months, just don’t know how to operate their cameras or networks? So, maybe you can help all of the people in this thread with their problem… Just let us and Wyze know, because they claim they are trying to fix it.


We have over 67 cams at 12 sites and only had a few issues which were doa out of box,i get a daily service report from our lead technician each morning and no issues, i shared your events wour service technicians and they all say its on your end and not product interesting though

Well, that’s the wrong answer, as Wyze is working on a Fix for this problem… Also, most of us that are having this problem, had Zero Problems for a couple years until last year… So, No this is NOT on OUR end.


Like i said our company has no issues, all of our equipment is Cisco hi speed well good luck

Well, if you know anything about Software, you’ll understand that Software Bugs Manifest themselves when exact conditions are met… I was employed as a Software Engineer for over 30 years.
Everything has to be exactly the same to reproduce the Bug. So your response was not meaningful as lots of us here have problems and we did not a year ago.

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Im tell you what our service technicians pass on to me in our morning meetings we don’t have issues and our customers that we maintain have no issues at all,i need to batch out for today’s services good luck on your system

So, you don’t personally look at events yourself? — You’re just getting a report from someone that is responsible for the Cameras? — Perfect! — He is reporting that he is doing his job perfectly!

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You need to get a life…we are a Motorola elite dealership with over 79 cams,at sites and customers locations and yes we do not have an issue with any of them end of storie

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You need to Get Back to Work!

Let me say again, if you are really going to throw out your 10 cameras, please let me know. I’d like to have them. Thanks.

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I have 8 cam v2 to monitor my handicapped spouse when I’m out of the house or during the night. My updates are current but I’ve been getting the error code 3001 also for weeks. I believe it started after the most recent update. I’ve had these cameras for over 3 years and they worked fine. I’ve tried unplugging, restarting, etc. Thinking I may have to try another brand but these have been great until now…I saw that so many people complained and they are working on a repair. I submitted a log but I can’t wait forever. Hate to spend more money on another brand.

Yup, this what I am experiencing as well as many others. Wyze are you listening to this?

Who are you trying to kid? Just another Wyze Cheerleader?BrownNoser Their numbers are thinning…

Is there any relief, or plan for a fix, for this problem?

We have 8 Wyze cams and most if not all are throwing the 3001 error during almost every event playback now. This has been going on for months.

I called a while back and spent a lot on the phone with Wyze. They had me take cams off cam plus and cam lite, then put them back. It was a waste of time. Then a firmware update seemed to fix it. Now it’s back.

It makes the cams almost worthless.

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Wyze’s number One Priority is NOT Software or Firmware, It is pushing new products over everything else Quality Software / Firmware be Damned…