Time lapse for floodlight pro?

I need to set up time lapse for the floodlight pro I just installed.

I am not seeing the option? Please tell me that there is a way to do time lapse - I went with wyze because their cameras had time lapse.

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Welcome to the Wyze User Community Forum @elizabethb! :raising_hand_man:

Unfortunately, no. The Wyze Cam Floodlight Pro does not have Timelapse capability.

There are several of us asking for this. Please join this thread and vote on it so we can show Wyze there is a demand/interest in this feature.


I believe I’m the one that initially wrote this, but then I wasn’t able to get back to vote for it. That’s been done now. :slight_smile:


Oh no. I got this camera because of time lapse on all of the other cameras. My pool construction starts very soon and I wanted to capture the building process :frowning:


I hope we can get time lapse before winter one of my favorite things to do is to record a winter storm

I was just looking for this feature. I’d love to be able to see a whole day of activities in a short video.


Will it ever have time lapse?

Visit the existing Wishlist topic requesting the time lapse feature be added to the floodlight and support by voting! I moved your new topic requesting info on this topic to that wishlist.

If you have any ideas for suggestions for new products or features do search the wishlist to see if there are other like minded folk requesting the same.