Battery Cam Pro - need Timelapse ASAP

I installed 2 of these for an upcoming house move ( yes, I’m having a house moved ) off my property. I just found out there’s no time lapse ( that I can find ). I’m now 400 miles away and not able to swap them out before work starts Monday. I “assumed” since the older ones had Timelapse these would also when I swapped the older ones out for these and then left the property.

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In a recent AMA event, the Product Manager said Timelapse is coming. They are aiming toward the end of the year or early 2024 though:

Timelapse - Yes, we plan to add this function in the future for our power users. We’re aiming for sometime at the end of this year or early next year. Scheduled recording - No, we don’t plan to implement this anymore. Instead, we’ll support microSD card playback (continuous/event-only) in September or October software updates. Please note that this timeline may be pushed if we need to adjust some more code before release. Travel Mode - No, we don’t plan to add this anymore because the user metrics gathered on Wyze Cam Outdoor showed that features like timelapse and Travel Mode have relatively low usage compared to other security-related functions. -u/Bitter-Painter-3661


Well that’s some suck. Guess I’ll be taking a quick flight to replace cameras or paying someone to click “take a photo” every 10 min for the next 2 weeks. Kinda my fault as the old wireless cam v2 was pointed at the desired item but the new pro w/2k made me purchase and then I ran and installed them as the primary cameras with the old wireless turned to look down a game path. Once I saw a picture, I scooted back home with the intent of “configuring as needed” at home.
Time lapse is so useful for wildlife ( birds hatching ) and fun watching plant growth.
The travel mode is the one item I always wanted to try, but would forget the cameras till mid camp out.

I bought a battery cam pro on the assumption it also would have time lapse. I prefer the direct wifi connection of this unit vice the outdoor cam base. I use time lapse on my 4 outdoor cams all the time (they are plugged into solar panels, as is my new battery cam pro). Please add the time lapse feature to the battery cam pro firmware, I will use it.


Same here. While.i don’t need it, it was nice to have on the old outdoor cam. Hope we get this feature soon.


Any ETA on getting time lapse added to the Battery Cam Pro software?


I asked about this last month during their AMA event:


Still very interested in the time lapse for the battery cam Pro!


New firmware for battery cam pro recently. Still no time lapse!

same here, bought it because of the timelapse feature on the other wyze cam. was disappointed when I received it.
hoping this feature will be available, as currently my web cam is just accumulating dust

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I publicly asked one of the employees about this within the last month or so and they said Timelapse was still coming for the BCPro and FLPro, but they got a little delayed for some reason. They told me part of what contributed to the delay, but I don’t recall what it was. I did not get an ETA, just confirmation that it wasn’t canceled yet. :man_shrugging:

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Firmware update on Battery Cam Pro as of today. Still no timelapse! When will we get this Wyze?

Crazy when this feature is available on the old outdoor cameras but not new ones. Very frustrating to buy new cameras and get less features!

The timelapse would be most useful with a camera that has a battery… the original outdoor cams required a power outlet… not so helpful. User metrics from one camera to the other aren’t useful because they have very different features and abilities.

Actually the two Outdoor models Wyze sold have batteries and required a hub for networking but could be used without the hub in Travel mode.

Wyze stated timelapse would be added to Battery Cam Pro in late 2023, by end of 2023 or early 2024, correct? It is now nearly July 2024. This camera was advertised with time lapse. When will this firmware upgrade happen?

So the timelapse firmware is going to power users. What is a “power user”? I have 50 some Wyze products in my home, including 29 active Wyze cameras. Am I not a power user?