Thermostat offline repeatedly

The 1.2.4.a2 update was paused. A subsequent firmware update, 1.2.5, was released, but only to those who took the 1.2.4.a2 update.

Here is what Wyze indicated is updated with these two Firmware Release:

1.2.5 (October 26, 2022)

Improved connectivity
Fixed an issue causing firmware updates to fail
Bug fixes
Note: This is a targeted release to those users that updated to 1.2.4.a2.

1.2.4.a2 (October 19, 2022)

Improved connectivity
Fixed an issue causing firmware updates to fail
Bug fixes
Note: We found an issue with how this firmware interacts with the cloud and have paused it. We’re working on an improved version now and appreciate your patience.


I did the update this morning… no problem…
My thermostat has been connected for the last 11 days.


I’m still at 1.2.3 and noticed that it’s claimed that it would not allow for an update. That’s what I’m experiencing. How can this be corrected?

It’s not going to be able to be corrected until 1.2.5 can be verified as stable and released for update in the remainder of the the thermostats with older firmware.

I am waiting for that version as well since I am also on older firmware. I have sent a request for clarification to Wyze as to the status of 1.2.5.

We should see an announcement in a new thread once 1.2.5 is ready for release to everyone and it should also show in the FW updates list.


I’m having the same issue.
I have a strong, stable WiFi. None of the other Wyze cameras, or any other WiFi enabled devices lose connectivity just the Wyze T-Stat.

What version of the Firmware are you using?

I have been testing the Beta Releases and have no connectivity issues, knock on wood, with recent releases. I also just installed 1.2.5 successfully.


I have just today seen an update to 1.2.5 and updated it thermostat.

Let’s see if that helps :crossed_fingers:


Well, I had a lot of hope for the latest Firmware but the thermostat went offline today after nearly two weeks being connected. :confused:

Anyway, I tried to submit a Log… Pushed the button, but nothing happened.

I’m keeping a close eye on this. There must be something that triggers it to go offline.

We are pretty isolated… A lot of distance between the houses. We did have a visitor the morning the thermostat went offline. I’m sure their phone automatically connects to our Wi-Fi…
Could that be a possibility?

Day 8 since the latest update and still continuously online.

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Been connected for 9 days now!
My visitor came by again… this time no problem… so that answers that!
Anyway, seems pretty stable (knock on wood).
If I don’t chime in… I’m still connected.


Well I thought I would add my voice to this issue. I installed this about six mo ago in our vacation home and have had this issue from the beginning. Always works fine while I am there but then goes offline within a few days after leaving. I updated FW to 1.2.5 and it still happens. Sometimes it will come back online by itself. I have a bunch of other cameras and sensors that all work fine without issue. I’m going to put a wifi switch on the furnace to cycle the power as suggested by someone else and if that doesn’t work or is too annoying then I’ll get a different brand…

Your situation is identical to mine. At the moment the thermostat is online, but that might be lost any minute. I rea hed out to Wyze tech support and they were not aware of the issue.

Reporting in…
I’ve been connected for over a month now so I’m pretty encouraged!
I see these other posts though… I hope their issues get resolved. It’s very important for those that have to monitor a thermostat remotely!
Many times I’ve read posts from people saying they’re just going to get a different thermostat… :slightly_smiling_face: If only it was that simple!
My son has a Nest and has had all kinds of frustrating connection issues. My suggestion is check the reviews carefully!
I’m encouraged by the progress from Wyze… I just hope they don’t drop the ball on this!

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My thermostat has consistently retained connectivity for about 2 weeks. I made no changes so I do not know how I went from rarely connected to always connected. I hope others are incurring the same improvement.


This is so frustrating. My thermostat worked great with 1.2.1, but every subsequent version drops the connection. 1.2.5 is the worst and goes offline within a couple of hours. Occasionally it comes back online, but then goes offline a few hours later again. Other Wyze devices on the same network are rock solid, so there’s definitely a problem with the thermostat.


This may not be helpful but I had my Roku trying to take IP Addresses from other devices. I went into my router and reserved IP addresses…

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Mine’s going offline as well…after reading various reviews and this forum this seems to be a problem on certain thermostats that have a QA issue. They are sending me a new thermostat and hopefully it will be one of the “good ones”. Done all the online troubleshooting, reinstalls, flipping breakers, etc. Wyze ought to be able to pinpoint this issue someway. Don’t know if software fixes is the solution. Love their products otherwise.

This is a good thing to check. I have a printer with a poor dhcp client that steals IP addresses, too. Assigning IP addresses has fixed that problem, so it’s not my issue with the Wyze Thermostat, however.

Wyze ended up sending me replacement, also. It came with 1.2.1 and worked great, but the Wyze app nagged me into “upgrading”, which again made the new thermostat unreliable.