Wyze thermostat dropping Wi-Fi

At various times and for no apparent reason our thermostat shows, “Device offline”. All other devices are connected and working fine. I can’t find any settings to try to reconnect it to Wi-Fi and it eventually just seems to reconnect.

The thermostat works great, but this little issue is baffling. Does anyone have any suggestions?



I am also having this device offline issue. Have you found a solution?

Having this wifi disconnect issue every couple of days, but requires power cycling to get it to reconnect. This has been happening for a couple of months now. Really annoying when trying to access from out of town via my phone. All other Wyze devices (camera, sprinkler) seem to never lose connection. I have an wifi access point less than 10 feet away and still happening. No response from emails to tech support???

BTW, I do have the latest firmware update.

Don’t upgrade thermostat firmware past 1.2.1 that is when issues started.

Any way to revert back. Seems I recall the issue started after a firmware update. Thanks for the response.

I too have this issue with two of my homes that are rentals. Cameras and all ofther Wyze stuff stays connected without issue. This outage is causing me deep issues in preparing the homes comfort fopr my guests, and to save energy (go green) when not being occupied.

I suspected that it was an issue with DHCP and the possibility that another device took the IP address away from the Thermostat and the Thermostat did not initiate requests to get a new address. So I programmed my router to make a IP reservation outside of the DHCP pool, thus no other devices would have an opportunity to take the same IP address. Sad to report that while this may be somewhat more stable, it has not proved to be the magic solution.

Please Wyse, solve this connectivity issue quickly, and simplify the procedures to connect to a different SID without doing a completely new install procedure. Also, while you’re at it, let the user select the safety min and max at any value we the user/owner selects. I would like to be able to set the min to 32f, let me have that choice