Internet reconnection problems

My Wyze cams and Thermostat have an Internet reconnecting problem that none of my other smart device brands have.
If my ISP drops internet connection for a minute or longer, all my Wyze equipment loses internet connection along with everything else, but when internet service is restored, they never reconnect and need to be power cycled to get them to reconnect.
None of my other smart devices have this problem.
So I’ve had to resort to using smart plugs (Not Wyze) for the cameras so I can power cycle them remotely whenever this happens.
The Thermostat however can’t be power cycled this way. It’s a real problem, especially if you are away from home for an extended period.
I’m an android user, I’m not sure if this is also a problem on ios… Or if it’s firmware related.
Either way, it should be fixed.

make sure you are sending logs in EACH time this happens. im not aware of this being widespread ( for instance I have had this issue on a couple times over the years) but by sending logs in Wyze devs are alerted directly. you might even be seeing something before it becomes an issue for most and be on the leading edge and thus stopping it before it becomes widespread.

can I ask what your system setup is? router, modem and provider?

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I’m on Spectrum, using their stock Arris DG1617A modum / router.
I’ve sent logs in the past, had this problem since day one with the cameras. Still beta testing the thermostat and reported it over there as well… I’ve not had a response back yet, it’s been a while.
I can replicate the situation at will, by disconnecting the Spectrum cable from the modem for a few minutes.
You’re obviously lucky and have a stable isp connection.

I just had it happen again, submitted logs for both the cams and Thermostat, maybe I’ll get a response this time?


I’ll see if I can recreate this with any of my equipment tomorrow. There are many known issues with using provided routers but this sounds like something else I’m thinking let me see if I can recreate it tomorrow and I’ll see if I can give you any insight there.

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I know that the thermostat has been pretty reliable with internet connection. I had my power go out multiple times with the modem and router booting back up and the thermostat reconnected as soon as the router was online. I have Comcast (Xfinity) for my ISP and I had no issues. It may be worth a shot to contact your ISP and see if they can do a check on your modem.

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I’ve never had a problem with the power failure causing this problem. The thermostat and Wyze cams have always reconnected in that scenario.
Where they always fail, is when the internet service fails but the wifi stays up. After internet service is restored, they never reconnect.
It’s like they try for a while, then just quit trying after x amount of tries.
All my other brand smart devices do not have the same problem and connect soon after the service is back online. So I doubt that it’s a problem with the isp’s modem… But you never know right?

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Thank you, any help would be greatly appreciated. :+1:
To be honest, my connection is usually pretty stable, but the city is digging up the road and moving power and cable from overhead to below the surface… Something I’m 100% behind… Net result, while this is happening is that the connection has been dropping briefly almost daily.
From the look of the progress made, I’m thinking it will be at least a month longer before they’re done.

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