Wi-Fi Reconnect/Reset Option on Thermostat (No App Required)

I know another gentleman posted something similar in this forum post from 2021, but the resolution is not addressing the problem I am experiencing with my Wyze Thermostat.

If possible, could the Wyze software engineers add an option accessible from the thermostat itself to restart the unit and have it reconnect to Wi-Fi? My thermostat shows as “offline” two or three times per week in the Wyze app as well as on the device itself. I am then forced to go outside to my breaker box and switch off the breakers to the HVAC and furnace systems, wait 30 seconds, and flip them back on to get the device to restart and reconnect where it is accessible from the Wyze mobile app.

Please do not post that all I need to do is pull the thermostat off the wall, wait 30 seconds, and reconnect it to the base. I am an electrical engineer and that method can trip or destroy the furnace breaker or create a short that could damage the thermostat itself as the contact pins are reinserted into the base that is already energized.

If this option cannot be added to the device for some reason (or I am stupidly missing the option when navigating the menus on the device), any educated advice as to a workaround would be appreciated. Trying to switch off the breakers in the hot, humid heat of a Texas Gulf Coast summer or in the middle of a rainstorm is not a pleasant user experience.

Thank you in advance to any member of the Wyze team or forum members that view and respond to this post!

This would be a great feature. Also, Wyze said sometimes in June (hopefully soon) they are going to be releasing an update for most Wyze products to address the issue where they go offline and stay offline until being power cycled. This sounds like the issue your having, so hopefully that fixes it :smiley:

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Thank you for your reply, KyGuy2002! I will keep an eye out for that fix you mentioned coming in June. I’m happy to hear that they are addressing this issue across their full suite of products - including the thermostat.

I have been happy with the performance and connectivity of my cameras, locks, robot vac, light bulbs, and home monitoring security products, but this would be a notable feature to add to the entire line of Wyze products.

Thank you again for your help and assistance with my issue. As always, your time and attention are greatly appreciated.


I’m soooooo tired of my Wyze thermostat going offline. It’s just such a bad situation. Is this a hardware bug? Will Wyze off a trade-in for those of us stuck forever with a faulty device? Or is this a software bug. Please, please give us some kind of answer.

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Welcome to the community @HVACsucker

I see you are experiencing connectivity issues with your T-Stat. I am a community Member as you are, but I also volunteer in these forums to assist when and if I can.

I have a couple of questions which can aid in the support:

  • Which App Version are you using
  • What is the Firmware version of your T-Stat
  • How often do you have this issue
  • Have you reached out to Wyze and Received a Ticket Number and submitted a log of the issue. If you have, can you please provide it here
  • Do you have any of the Remote sensors and are they connected? If so, what is the Firmware version on those

As for a warranty replacement, you would need to contact Wyze, assuming you purchased it directly from Wyze.

Mine has been running without issue since installing it this year.

T-Stat Firmware Version: 1.2.1
Remote Sensor Version: 1.1.0

Note: the latest Production App version for Android is released on May 18, 2022

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All up to date. Just keeps dropping. And dropping. And…

Have you reached out to Wyze Already? Did you get a Ticket Number and provide any logs?

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Yes, I’ve reached out to Wyze. I cannot get logs because it won’t work. I’ve tried and tried. Says failed to submit log, try again. Gave that up a year ago. Please, I’m not culpable in this faulty product, please don’t make it seem like my fault. My wifi is way strong, no weak signal, no other wifi problems like this in 10 years.

Not saying you are trying to get some information to assist in either getting it corrected or possibly a replacement.

Not sure what you have tried or went through, as I said, mine has been running like a champ since installing. This is why I am trying to get the requested information.

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Well, at this point you’re not helping, just goading. But whatever

Ok, let’s trade devices.That’s more than Wyze is willing to do, I’m sure mine will work for you no problem. Just send me your device, k?

Nope, in order to help, I need some information, without it I cannot do much to help.

I would recommend you call Wyze and see if they will send you a replacement or work with you on it.


Wyze Thermostats - Option to restart from device settings

My Wyze thermostat goes offline at-least once a week, and every time I have to go down to the breaker box to restart the thermostat.
There is no option in thermostat settings to restart the device. There is restart option in the app, but when thermostat is offline, I can’t use the app to restart it, as it doesn’t connect to the app.

Need an option to restart the thermostat from settings on the device.

Welcome to the Wyze User Community Forum @absood5! :raising_hand_man:

They hid the Manual Reboot Option: Pull it off the wall mounting plate, wait 30s, plug it back in.

Another vote for this feature! My use cases are both updating my wifi password regularly or upgrading my router. Practicing good security shouldn’t require me to power cycle the furnace!

Apparently this is a widespread problem. I have been having the Wyze thermostat go offline whenever we go out of town, precisely when we want to have remote access to our thermostat. This has happened more than a dozen times. It doesn’t happen when we are out shopping or away for a day trip, it happens when we are travelling. Last fall we spent 4 weeks in New Zealand, it lost the connection at least 4 times - I had to repeatedly ask a neighbor to go to the house and flip the breaker off and back on (note: we live out in the woods, our neighbor lives several miles away, this is a big favor). The Android app is up to date as is the firmware on all of our Wyze devices. Our wifi signal is strong and the thermostat is within 25 feet of the router (about 1 1/2 years old), nothing else in the house has problems with wifi connections. Again, apparently this is a widespread problem and Wyze needs to do something about it.

In addition to your flipping the circut breaker approach, many furnace installations have a switch located very near the furnce which can turn off power to the furnace (and thus the thermostat). Additionally it occurs to me, and I may do this myself since I also have periodic incidents with my Wyze T when it goes offline - sometimes rebooting my router fixes it, sometimes not, so my thought is to rig up a switch on the thermostat control wires, problably just on the common wire supplying power to the thermostat likely will suffice, and install the switch maybe by the furnace. You sound more than handy and knowlegeable enough to easily do this. Of course none of this should be necessary if Wyze would just have a restart button etc. on the device, as do lots of other “smart” devices like light switches.

Yes, we have an on/off switch just before the furnace, but both are in the crawlspace so not conveniently accessable. Coincidentally, today I installed a Wyze smart switch in its place so that I can break the connection and re-establish it remotely, as the thermostat typically loses wifi connection while we are travelling (when remote access to the thermostat is most important). I’m assuming that the remote switch won’t also lose wireless connection at the same time as the thermostat as none of our other Wyze equipment loses wireless connection. I considered using smart circuit breakers (Leviton makes them) but it is a far more expensive solution than the Wyze smart switch.

Be sure that your HVAC unit is not drawing more than 15 Amps thru that Wyze Switch as that is the limit for the switch. Wyze Switches are designed for standard lighting applications.

Check the Amps on the Breaker and the Amp rating on the old switch. If both are higher than 15 Amps, you have introduced a serious safety issue into your system and run the risk of overamping the Wyze Switch which can result in all sorts of unwanted events.

Thanks for the warning, however I had checked before installation. Both were rated for 15 amps.

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