Wifi Auto Reconnect for Thermostat

My home in Arizona has frequent power outages. Everytime the power goes out, I get “Device Offline” on the app for my thermostat. I then have to reset my thermostat and re-intall it on the app to make it work. My Honywell Wifi thermostat would reconnect to the Wifi when the power was restored. My wish is that the Wyze thermostat would do the same thing. I am often on the road and like to be able to control the inside temp remotely. this Device offline, creates an issue for me. I may need to go back to the Honywell thermostat until this is resolved.

Is yours up to date? Mine alwats reconnects after a power outage.

When I re-installed it this time, it took an update. I hope your right, I don’t need to keep the house at a cool level, but if I cannot lower the temp remotely, I have no choice. That will cost more money.