Thermostat keeps dropping offline

I have two thermostats that keep showing offline in the app. So when I go to the status screen on each thermostat it shows they’re connected and have excellent signals. I have to unplug the thermostat in the wall and plug it back in to get it to reestablish connection and it will work for two or three days and then drop off again

Is your power or network going out before this happens? Many Wyze devices have an issues where they are unable to fully come back online after a network outage sometimes. A fix is coming to the v2 and outdoor cams very soon, and other Wyze devices are coming soon after. Please just make sure to keep your devices and app up to date.

So in other words just live with it until Wyze gets around to a fix? Unacceptable that the main benefit of having a connected thermostat is to have it “connected” and these drop connection all the time and do not auto reconnect without cycling power. Wyze used to be innovative and reasonably priced. Seems now all they care about is introducing new products. We need support on the old ones…