Device offline

I’m a big fan of Wyze products, over 2/3 of my smart home devices are made by Wyze. I have however noticed they go offline frequently and worse they don’t reconnect on their own.
I have a wyse thermostat and a nest thermostat, despite having the nest 4 years and the wise 2, I don’t think the nest has ever been offline, but I’m going to have to drive an hour to reconnect the wyze one AGAIN.
I regularly have to reconnect plugs and lights, it’s annoying but not a big deal however the temperature is dropping and I can’t turn the heat on. Pipes could freeze, this is exactly why I have the thermostat in the first place.
PS: I can see the thermostat on the wise camera and I can turn the wise bulb off and on, but not the thermostat. It’s offline