Thermostat keeps going offline

Purchased the Wyze thermostat a couple weeks ago. Set it up and within a couple days it went offline. I did a factory reset then it came back online. A couple days later it went offline again. Did another factory reset to get it back online again, that worked for a couple days. Now it’s offline again — any ideas as to what’s wrong?

Some info here…

I have had this happen twice over as many months. It has cleared up with a router reboot. Inconvenient but seems to get it back online.

Your router’s signal might be weak, or the dhcp server is resetting and not giving the thermostat a new address. It might be a good idea to give the thermostat a static ip, if you know how to do that in your router.

Thanks, I will try these suggestions.
As a side note I talked to Wyze. They said this is a know problem that should be fixed with the next update – they said the update should be soon.

This is the whole reason I bought this POS. I’m away, I’m on my way back, 3 hour drive. CANNOT TURN THE AIR BACK ON, so I get home and the #*&#$ house is 85, it’s 11 PM and it won’t be cool enough to sleep for FOUR HOURS.

It is a known problem. It’s not the router, its not the wifi, its not a weak signal. It is the thermostat and and I forgot that the purpose of the thermostat is NOT to control the HVAC system properly. The purpose of the thermostat is to move money from my pocket to theirs. Mission accomplished. If it also controls the thermostat, then thats a bonus. The purpose of ALL products offered for sale is to get you to buy them. If you paid for it, mission accomplished. If it does whats on the box, then its a bonus, but don’t expect the company to give a flying F whether you are happy or not. They got the money, now take a hike.

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It has a schedule setting . Go into the t-stat settings and it’ll be the 3rd option

I was looking at the thermostat to set up a schedule instead of the app because… the app will not connect to the thermostat… so…

I ran into a similar issue this past weekend . I went out of state for a business meeting and I brought my gf with me . No one at home . Took the dogs to a local pet sitter. Anyway

I set the t-stat to away mode for the weekend .

Anyway on the way back home , i checked the t-stat and it was offline . I couldn’t get it to come back online by resetting the device or resetting the wifi through my xfinity app. So I came home to a really hot house and it took over 10 hours to cool . It sucked

You can only set up a schedule through the app.

Is your t-stat going offline ? Try removing the t-stat from the back panel for a few seconds and then inserting it back in . It should come back online

If that doesn’t help , then a quick flip of the breaker might help as well.

Mine constantly goes out as well.

I’m sure it’s my home network , as with my wyze devices they have a bad connection and go offline frequently .

I’ll definitely be getting a mesh wifi router soon to fix my connectivity problems soon

Check the posts… it is a known issue. Like I said. This is the ONLY device that has this problem.

Its not your router. And it should not be your router. Why do you pay for a wifi device that doesn’t work unless you spend $300 for a mesh system? The same router that works for everything else in the house should work with the thermostat as well.

You suggest I flip the breaker. Ok. How do I do that from my car, 200 miles away? I am not the only one that would be interested in that one.

Oh I know . I’ve read a lot of reports and Wyze supposedly fixed this with the recent t-stat update . But …

I absolutely whole heartedly agree 110% man .

I’ve used Ring , Arlo , Eufy ,vivint , Simplisafe, Reolink , Mercury , Kasa , etc smart home products and i didn’t have the amount of issues I have with my Wyze devices . It’s weird .

A lot of users share that switching over to a mesh wifi system has helped A LOT. But I am also in agreement that having to go out and waste $300 for cheap products to make sure they run good is a little too much for my liking. But I guess I’m all in , in the Wyze koolaid

I was in the same predicament as you when I was on the way back home this past weekend and my t-stay was completely offline and I couldn’t get it to come back online so it could cool down my house before I arrived .

Does your internet provider have an app? That you can go into an restart your router ? Maybe that may get your t-stat back online . I have xfinity and they have an app and in it i can restart my router . Which is very helpful so I can fix some internet issues with the press of my thumb!

Sorry to hear about your problems man

At least your not (hopefully) not still on simplysafe.

If I reset the device to factory, and go through setup again, is it just going to ask about time/location schedule, wifi password etc. OR is it going to ask the initial install questions like is there a C-wire, fan wire, green wire, white wire etc? Because I don’t know half of those, and I had to pay HVAC $150 to come out and finish the install because my system is a split furnace/ac with heat pump and he had to piggyback the fan wire or the cwire or some ***. Oh, and they are booked a week and half out right now.

So… which level of reset does the factory reset do? If I delete the device from the app and reinstall that way am I going to run into that?

I can reset the router, doesn’t help. Only turning the furnace (and therefore the T-stat power) works. The T-stat must be powercycled. This indicates to me a hardware problem. Like a capacitor that is not functioning correctly.

No not no more thankfully

I would highly recommend that you DO NOT remove the device from your app. Once you do that yes , you have to be in the same range as your t-stat to connect it o your phone . It connects via Bluetooth I believe and go through the whole set up process

For me a reset is just going into the t-stat settings and restarting the device through the app

If you delete the device from the app , you’ll have to choose your wiring and be in range of the t-stat because it connects to your device via Bluetooth so I would hold off on that

Have you tried resetting the t-stat first through the app? T-stat settings and then all the way in the bottom it’ll say “restart device”

Tomorrow possibly. Done for now, tired. thanks for the feedback.

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Here is a work around, works 100% on mine

Workaround for the Thermostat constantly going offline.

For over a year now I have been fighting the problem of the Thermostat going offline!
The only way I could get it back online was to physically power cycle the thermostat, but that was not always handy as most of the time I am approximately 120 miles away.

I installed a Shelly 1 WiFi Relay switch (the downloaded Shelly app is on my Android phone, not sure if it works with iPhones)

I installed this relay at the furnace

Supply 120vac or 220 (see Shelly instructions) to the “L” line and “N” neutral connectors.

Splice and insert wire going to the “Rc” terminal of the thermostat to the “O” on the relay. So the wire coming from the furnace to the thermostat will now be connected to the “O” relay terminal. The other side of the “Rc” wire that is going out to your thermostat will now connect to the “I” terminal of the relay.

Then set up the app on your Android phone.

My thermostat has gone offline 3-4 times this month. Every time I cycle the Shelly relay contact the thermostat comes back online. So far this has worked 100% of the time.

This relay is $16 on Amazon

SHELLY 1 One Relay Switch Wireless WiFi Home Automation iOS Android Application…

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I totally agreed with you my problem is solved completely. Thankyou so much
Have a nice day to all…

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