Thermostat offline frequently

I installed my 3 wyze thermostats about a month ago. Since then, they have been mostly offline, but sometimes connected for a few days. I have tried resetting many time and they work momentarily, then go offline after a few hours. Is this common for anyone else? I am using Google Nest WiFi for my network at home with no real network customization.

also having trouble with my thermostat saying it is offline, have 3 cameras on the same wifi with no issue

I had a couple instances where the offline indicator/icon in app saying it was offline for a couple days…but it wasn’t. I could still access thermostat. Both times this happened, the offline icon went away after a period of time. The offline icon hasn’t appeared for over a week.

Here is a link to another thread with similar issues of the “offline icon” showing up. The symptom is that the local wifi still works it’s the connectivity to the Internet and Alexa that stops working.
Searched through the Community and have not found anyone that has a permanent fix for this. But more and more people are reporting the issue. Thermostat won't connect to Alexa - #6 by vtester

My thermostat lost it’s wi fi connection. Could control it at the thermostat, but not with Alexa, Google, or the Wyze app on my phone. Tried several things with no luck. Ended up removing the thermostat in the app and re adding it. A pain in the butt, but so far (keeping fingers crossed) it is working fine. I’d just like to know what caused the problem and suggest that Wyze guve us an update with the ability to force the thermostat to reconnect to wifi without havind to delete the device.