Thermostat 'offline' issues

I put in a Wyze Thermostat yesterday and it works fine but keeps going ‘off line’ shortly after installed, and sometimes stays offline for a long periods. My signal strength is ‘Strong’ when I go to the Settings on the ‘Thermostat’ while my Iphone tells me offline check connection.

I further have 4 other cameras on the same app and two on the same wifi as the the Thermostat with no issues.

This morning its working fine but yesterday was offline for most of the night.

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My thermostat shows its offline on the my android App but its working fine and turns on according to my schedule. I have reset the app and removed the device and added it back with the same issue.

Have you tried power cycling the thermostat?
Have you tried deleting the thermostat from the app, resetting it, then adding it back?

Are you able to control the thermostat from the app even when the offline icon shows?

Yes I can control the thermostat from app even when it shows offline. I have 2 thermostats and both are working fine but one shows offline.

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Have you tried power cycling the thermostat?
Have you tried deleting the thermostat from the app, resetting it, then adding it back?


My thermostat shows its offline on the my android App but its working fine

Are you able to control the thermostat from the app even when the offline icon shows?

once programed the thermostat will lock in any configuration you put in. Offline or not the mode is set within the thermostat.

I think WYZE Thermostats wifi have bugs in them. If you look at your thermostat when it says offline, i would bet you are getting a strong signal from your wifi.

Wyze needs to get Techs knowledgeable to HVAC issues and these thermostats. I found when calling tech support, NONE so far can answer questions regarding the Thermostat and all put on hold and come back with advice which obtained from a tech advisor. WHY NOT PUT THE ADVISOR ON THE PHONE???

I’m having a similar issue. However, just with one of my units. The other is just fine. The family room thermostat is 18 ft line or site to a wifi access point. Signal at the thermostat is perfect. The thermostat works via the app but shows offline and Google Assistant won’t recognize it.

I was able to get my Thermostat back online by pulling the control unit off the wall and waited 5 minutes and pushed the unit back in and reconnected.
Hope that solves the problem.

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My offline indicator went away after a couple days. No issues while offline indicator was on, or since.

So does anyone from the actual company monitor these. My thermostat has been dropping wifi for a few days but reconnecting on its own. Today it dropped permanently. I have done all the suggestions above. I would like to get a replacement. They should make these usable offline out of the box. Wifi only setup sux when a software issue is causing the problem.

Its apparent that Wyze stepped into a new realm without the proper techs to analyst a problem. Sadly when they cant answer a question they go no responsive.

There camera are great, there support sucks!

This is primarily a user forum, it’s not constantly monitored by Wyze support.
You may want to contact Wyze Customer Support about this issue!
By phone: (206) 339-9646 Available Monday - Friday 5 am - 6 pm PT and Saturday 8 am - 4 pm PT
Or online: (click “submit a request”)
phone support is typically faster however this isn’t always true due to fluctuation in the amount of calls.

Same here, shows cloud offline, but works fine in the app. This happened after we lost power for about an hour. I’ll try ripping it off the wall and snapping it back to see if that helps. I’ll also try flipping the breaker.

Thanks for nothing Brie the monitor. I may have already contacted Wyze. If you cannot offer help please do not respond. Wyze should monitor a forum to fix their device problems not leave it to everyone guessing as to what to do. However thanks to a google search for help I have discovered that the device was using my phone to connect to the wifi. The wifi is 5 ghz. The device only works on 2.4 ghz. So I took my phone off wifi connected to the device via Bluetooth my phone was on LTE. The device completed setup and connected to the 2.4 ghz broadcast from my router. Long explanation. So make sure your phone is on the 2.4 broadcast of your wifi. I have a nest router and you cannot select 2.4 which is why I had to switch to lte on my phone.

As @Brlepage said this is primarily a user to user forum. He does not know that you contacted Wyze and was trying to help accordingly as Wyze instructs him to. The Maven and the Mods here are just volunteers trying to help people out, please be nice to them.


Good catch! This further would be problematic for Nest and Ring which I stumbled on months ago!

YOU should NOT have to Goggle a new product, because Wyze won’t employ techs skilled in the HVAC trade! Even though they sell a product in this regard.

Unplugging the unit from the wall, waiting a few minutes and plugging it back in fixed the issue.

FIXED for now:
Had the same thermostat works but app status is “device offline” “cloud with line.” I have also been having wifi connection issues with other devices. So I unplugged and reset the router and had the service company check and resend signal(problem remained), closed and restarted app/restarted phone(problem remained), and finally removed thermostat from the wall for several minutes and then replaced it back on the wall, which solved the offline issue. For now, at least.

Firmware version: 1.1.1

Sounds like Wyze techs jumped all over this one!!! NOT!!! Selling a product with no knowledge is shameful.

Still waiting for my questions to answered by thier techs since 1-26-21

I had the same happen here, and together with Wyze support found out that the 2.4 GHz wifi channel I was using was severely congested. I changed the channel from 7 to 1 and it immediately connected back to the cloud. If you download a wifi analyzer you may check to see which channels are less congested. That should fix it once and for all.

Same issues here. Submitted logs but never heard a word back from Wyze. All I can do is pull it off wall and put it back on and hope it reconnects. It is so random when it does it and it may be my main one or bonus room or sometimes both. These issues really never came up when beta testing the units so not sure why the production models would do it.