Thermostat Showing Offline But Still Works In App


In the app on my phone the thermostat shows the little cloud with the line through it but I can tap on the thermostat and adjust the settings. Alexa says the thermostat is not responding. All other devices in the app are online.

If I remove the thermostat from the wall and then plug it back in it will show online in the app and Alexa will connect again but after sometime does it again.


Some info here …

I don’t mean to bash wyze but they’re not really known for releasing reliable firmware. Are you on the latest FW release?

If you are and still have issues, you can try downloading the beta app and reverting to a previous firmware version.

That trick has worked for me when I have a FW issue with one of my cams.

Also, send logs whenever you notice any of your devices acting weird.

i noticed the same, however, it still functions correctly. Tap on the thermostat and you’ll have instant access. Ask Alexa to change the temp, and it changes.

Doesnt seem to effect functionality

The same thing is happening with me, but I I didn’t try to take it off the wall yet. This is an interesting one.