Digital Wifi Reset Option in Thermostat Settings Menu

I have two thermostats installed and have had instances where they lose WiFi connectivity to my access points. Sometimes they will reconnect on their own, but sometimes I have to remove the thermostat from the wall and plug it back in to force it to try and reconnect with the WiFi. This will normally fixes the issue, but I’m worried about breaking the plastic clips or bending the metal pins on the back. It would make more sense to add an option to the settings to “reset” the wifi connection and have it try to reconnect. Or even a “reboot” option for the whole thermostat.

They really nerd a firmware update to correct the issue… Happens to 2 of mine as all the time… I have lots of Wyze device farther away that done loose connection

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One of my Wyze T’s went offline as well. Only solution was to reset the T ans start over from scratch and then reenter all settings etc. There should be an easier way to reset wifi via the App

One of my T’s went offline and they usually come back online and the only solution CS provided was a factory reset.

A Wi-Fi reset option on the app is NECESSARY

  • List item ability to reset Wi-Fi
  • List item ability change Wifi settings / password etc.
  • List item Allow multiple Wifi connections e.g. 5ghz, 2.4 ghx, guest as backup

Allow settings to be backed up and then used to restore after a factory reset. We should not have to reconfigure the T from scratch