WiFi on Wyze Thermostat

Can I change the WiFi network in the Thermostat without resetting the thermostat to factory defaults?

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No, you’ll need to delete the thermostat from the app and hold down the thermostat dial for 5 to 10 seconds to factory reset it. Then you can add it back to the app with the new network information.


Thank you for the information. I thought that might be the case. You confirmed it.

Could this be changed so that we don’t have to reset the thermostats? It’s annoying to have to reconfigure all the setting just to change the network info.


There needs to be an easier way. It’s a pain in the ass to have to totally reset it everytime my router is reser.


I don’t think you should need to reset the thermometer just because the router reboots. Should only need to do this if the SSID or password changes. I don’t own the thermometer…is there anyway to power cycle it without having to do a complete reset?

This is honestly really sad. I have no clue how I wired it the first time. Now I have to spend hours trying to figure this out again. Last time I had to have a technician come out to fix it costing me 100 plus bucks. All bc I changed my wifi system I now can’t connect my two thermostats.


Can you set the new wifi to match the old? Same SSID and Password? That is the simplest solution.


Unfortunately no. But that is a valid solution. It wasn’t as bad as I thought it would be to redo them as I unplugged them and looked at the colors in the back. But the feature to switch wifi is something on most devices. Out of my whole house just the wyze products which I have over 40 required a reset. Lol


Well, this is just stupid. I don’t remember everything I entered during the initial setup about what wires were connected where on the old thermostat. How the hell am I supposed to get thru that part of the setup now!!! I hate this thermostat. Going to buy a Nest.


Same here. Everything worked and then my vents were cleaned, all of the sudden thermostat display is off. The vent technician was blaming me “for breaking the thermostat cover plate” and he did not understand that it was broken before I touched the thermostat. When the display was off, I decided to pull the cover off and see if if it will help. Is it possible he pulled the thermostat cover and then broke by bending some of the male pins on it???

Dear Wyze Support,

I was able to change the Wifi credentials for my Wyze lock without reinstalling the device. Why can’t I do the same for my thermostat, cameras, etc?

Please make this fix a top priority, or users will simply choose products that are friendlier.

Forcing your customer to reinstall everything, when things outside of their control happen (looking at you Spectrum!), is simply too big an ask.

Thanks @WyzeJimmy @WyzeBaohua @WyzeGwendolyn @WyzeTao @WyzeXuLi @WyzeAlexT @Wyze


I agree the developers need to do a more professional job. Deleting and adding was cutting edge in 1990 but not 2022.


How is this still a thing?

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Please, Please! enable the ability to switch the thermostat to a new WiFi network without having to reinstall the thermostat from scratch.

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Given the complexity of the thermostat setup, this REALLY needs to be addressed. Thank god I still had pics I took of the wiring before initial installation 1.5 yrs ago, or I’d have just trashed it and bought another brand.


This.Is.Stupid. I have two thermostats and SEVERAL cameras. I have to spend the day going around my house reinstalling these things because I upgraded my network? Freaking A (that is not the F word that I wanted to use). How can a tech company be this far behind it’s competitors…smh.

Wyze isn’t the only company with this issue. TP-Link Kasa has the same issue for their IoT products as do many others. You can’t change an SSID and password for a device no longer connected to the wifi (which is what happens when you change them on your router.) You need some way to access the device and reset them, which means a reinstallation. The only way to do it without all the headaches is to use the same SSID and password on the new router.

BUT Wyze should be able to support the scenario where my thermostat is up and running / connected via my “old” wifi SSID and allow me to communicate to it (via this old but still temporarily running WiFi) a new SSID + new password and then have it switch over to the new network (do a reboot if you like, just get it done).