Thermostat WIFI network update

I upgraded my Wifi router and it was really pain when I realized that Wyze product need to be deleted from app and re-configure. The worst pain I had is to update Thermostat where Wyze App asking to setup from scratch where you have to confirm all RAINBOW colored wires. I am not tech savy so I asked electrician to install. He charged me $125 to install two thermostats. Now support saying to call professional to update Wifi on Thermostat coz he need to confirm the wiring as asked.

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Yeah if I am honest I am going to have to rip and replace the Wyze thermostat and chalk it up to a disturbingly unthought out product that I wasted money on. Having to reprogram your whole thermostat is unforgivable and will definitely have me thinking twice or not buying at all other wyze products. When it came to my honeywell on my first floor I changed the SSID from the control panel in 30 seconds and it only changed wifi. When people sell a house with a Wyze thermostat you are basically telling new owners they have to pay an HVAC technician to come out and get their thermostat online or they have to convince the previous owner to hand out the SSID and password as well as using that in their new house whether it works for them or not. This is a horrible business decision and should be fixed yesterday. I am going to give it a month or so but if I dont see resolution then I am ripping it out and using it for target practice as I will not saddle some other poor sod with a product this bad.