Thermostat launch is by far the worst release, shaken my trust in Wyze

The launch of the Wyze thermostat has to be the biggest black eye to the wyze organization in a very long time. Not only do the thermostat connectivity fall far short of even the most simple “dumb” thermostat that they compared themselves in the homedepot, something as simple as a honeywell unit. you aboslutely FAILED to take into account the many many system that are 10+ year and all use wire jumpers, such as W# to E, to help with either boost heating or similar. But you made it impossible even accomplish the same in software, your updates are falling way short, your wire verification is broken, I still don’t know how on earth it can detect wires on terminals where there is no wires connected, unless you not really measuring on the terminals and just doing a fake show and tell. But honestly the WORST is your support, I have had a ticket open for over a week and not even as much as a peep out of robot or support technician. Wyze you lost completely, this is not a comfort issue, it can end up being life threatening to pets or family members at the worst or causing serious issues in the house like frozen water pipes due to lack of decent temperature control when people are away from the home. GET your Stuff in order and put some serious effort behind your support, if you do not even want to update your software to make it possible create something as simple as “software jumpers”. Wyze you leave it up to the forum community to test and try and potentially breaking their heating/cooling system which it would break warranties, all because you are mute. You seem to not give to flying figs. it is shameful. This experience has seriously made me rethink if I want to invest in your ecosystem anymore and that is as one that have supported multiple of your preorders.

Huh, thought that was the WCO. :wink:

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Interesting take. Question the messenger and ignore the message. Maybe that is just the way people think today. Sounds like a legitimate problem to what many would believe to be a rational thinking individual. Person is having an issue with the product that is well recognized. Unit is not functioning. Would like to know the company’s policy on handling issues. History states they’ll reassuringly say the least possible and then release an update that will brick some units and cause problems in others while remedying the minority. Par for the course. Thus, this person is frustrated. Can you really blame them?

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Occam’s razor says it’s just a frustrated user. That said, I never even heard of a thermostat holding someone’s hand through setup so the expectation may have been a bit high. (I have never configured a “smart thermostat” but several moderately dumb ones.)

If they really have a problem with wiring it up, I’d be glad to assist them, but this post as their first post on here without asking for help… it’s not confidence inspiring.

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Thanks for being the level headed answer Customer, honestly, no I don’t expect the thermostat to hold my hand through the process, that was a wyze claim, so easy that anyone can do it themselves, and they proudly proclaim no need for jumpers in the terminal blocks.
That to me means they should have another way of accomplishing the same. Honestly it’s mostly sad that so many customers are left floundering to figure out how to cheat the thermostat into doing what it should, that’s what the old jumpers did with the old thermostat.
Having read most of the post here regarding a product that has barely been on the open market for 1 month, it is hard not to get disheartened by it, the commonality of the question asked is the signal wires and their setup.

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I agree with TViking’s sentiments, as I am experiencing the same issues. My thermostat has been sitting uninstalled for 2 weeks now because it doesn’t function as advertised. Product support has responded back to me at the rate of once / week, the second time stating more or less, try the compatibility test and if you can’t figure it out, hire someone who can or return the product, which sadly, is better than their first response. Sounds like Wyze is throwing in the towel on this product already. It’s disconcerting the lack of concessions being made over these failures, when simple solutions are present. As an HVAC controls engineer, I could probably have corrected the code in less time than I’ve spent corresponding with support and on forums.

But then, I also just spent 2 hours re-adding 18 Wyze devices to my account, because Wyze can’t seem to hire someone who can program Wifi network change functionality. Again, it would have taken me less time to program this into the app software than to run around to all of these devices and reset them, etc.


I have to agree with TViking and Destro here, There seem to be other major issues with this thermostat regarding heat pumps and auxiliary heat. No installation issue for me, just operational issues. Basically it hits auxiliary heat every heating cycle, where my previous thermostat never does. Not a safety issue, but a cost issue. If I left it installed, my electric bill would be astronomical. There are a bunch of threads about this on here, and no response from Wyze, and very limited response to trouble tickets. It seems everyone who’s having issues should start requesting returns, maybe that would get noticed.