So frustrated

I am so frustrated right now. For the past 2 days my Wyze Thermostat has not connected to wifi. I’ve rebooted my router so many times and even left it off while I slept last night. Today I checked the forum at the suggestion of many other posts, I pressed and held the button to factory reset. Hours later my thermostat still will not connect, it’s simply stuck on the Wyze logo. Called support and they were not able to help. They have offered to replace the thermostat which is great except they are quoting 7 - 10 days for shipping. I live in Florida, work from home and it’s the dead of summer. I even offered to pay for expedited shipping and I’m told its not possible.

As usual nearly half of the products Wyze sells is sold out so I can’t even buy another, Amazon is sold out as well. Home Depot claimed to have a few in stock but I checked 3 stores but they had no inventory. I’ve bought a honeywell thermostat as I’m not going to go one week with no AC. I’m even more upset as I dropped my phone in the haste of trying to make it to 3 different home depot stores tonight before they closed. While I can’t blame Wyze for the phone mishap, I’m now out a wyze thermostat, $100 for the honeywell and whatever it will cost to replace the screen on my phone tomorrow.

I’m all about supporting a new company and being an early adopter but the number of defects, bricked devices and ongoing issues is getting the best of me. Support literally replaced 14 color bulbs that were bricked during a power outage just a month ago.

I’ve converted my entire home to Wyze products but find myself growing more and more frustrated with the quality and support issues. I still struggle to understand what company cannot ship express or overnight in 2021.

I’m very angry right now and can’t imagine how I’m gonna sleep in my 85 degree home tonight. I’m not gonna be able to install this thermostat on my own, especially not in the state I’m right now.

I’ve scheduled to have the Honeywell thermostat installed tomorrow which is likely another $200. I have nearly $800 of items in my shopping cart that I was settled on buying… I don’t think I can in good conscience.

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I’m so sorry… What a downer. I’ve got $10 to toss into your hotel fund for the night. Message me your Venmo!

Thanks. Gonna run to Walmart to get a box fan so I can sleep tonight. What a nightmare.

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Just as a temporary measure, you can connect Rc to Y and G manually to run the air conditioner. You’d need to manually disconnect Y to turn off the air conditioner, and disconnect G to turn off the indoor air blower fan. It’s not as convenient as a thermostat, but it will get you by until you can get a replacement.

Thanks. Im just not comfortable with the wiring. I have an HVAC guy coming out tomorrow so hopefully will be back up and running again with the Honeywell.

How did things work out?

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