Thermostat bricked and unable to pair

I’ve had it installed since Feb 2021 with no issues. Wiring is Rc, Y1, G, W1, C.

Las night the app reported thermostat was offline. Display showed a wifi error icon but was able to control locally.

I rebooted the router with no success. Rebooted the thermostat with no success. Did a factory reset by pressing control knob, and deleted device from app.

Now it is unable to pair back to the app. I’ve check Bluetooth and location settings. Tried from 4 different devices, with 2 accounts. Multiple factory resets on the thermostat. Thermostat is now bricked and completely unresponsive. Email support just referred back copy/paste of generic pairing guide.

App was on the beta channel but I’ve downgraded it back to stable. I don’t think the thermostat was on beta firmware, just the latest stable (1.63 or something like that).

I know the pairing is done over Bluetooth so I ran a Bluetooth sniffer during the pairing attempt. Doesn’t detect anything.

I am having the same issue. Were you able to figure it out? I’ve been round and round with Wyze support and their latest solution is to send me a new unit, but that doesn’t help me in the meantime.

Ofline but continuing to heat till palm :palm_tree: grow in the basement 2 months over 300 dollars worked for a year+ and loved it now it wants to pair theu Bluetooth but won’t can’t reset it because it’s offline cant update it because its offline can’t talk to support why because there system is nothing more then a question circle jerk that gets you nowhere but into the future as you waste hours screaming at an algorithm that just wants to tell you its not wyze fault your internet or your this or your that seems like wyze grifted alot of consumers and couldn’t care less there services are declining i liked there products at one time now ive got 6 cameras 2 of which i have never even taken out of the box and the other 4 haven’t used in months