Thermostat Failures, setup, missing G wire, inaccurate temp

I have a vacation home with 2 Wyze cameras and 2 Wyze locks. Mostly happy with these products. I wanted to add a Wyze thermostat. Tried the first time in January and it failed to pair with my Android phone. Bluetooth and GPS both on Wyze tech decided it was a faulty device and sent me a new one. Next visit I tried the new one and it also failed to pair. However this time I had an iPhone with me and it paired with the iPhone. I later tried the old one and it paired with the iPhone as well. I then tried to finish installation. I have 5 wires, Rc, C, Y1, O/B and G. The thermostat failed to identify the G wire. After several attempts and working with a Wyze tech who supposedly escalated the issue and getting no response from that, I searched forums and found a suggestion to tie the G wire to Y1, This means the fan will only come on with heat or cool and not provide a fan only function. This seemed to work, however, I then get the failure of the thermostat not properly detecting the temperature due to self heating. When the thermostat starts to cool its own ambient temperature starts to climb and never turns off. When I manually turn off the A/C its ambient temperature reading will cool down to show the achieved cooler temperature. So basically a worthless thermostat. I found both bugs appear to be common and documented in both the forums and on Reddit but with varied solutions and I have tried most of them. I am very disappointed with this product and I so wanted it to work,

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Wow, that’s a lot to unpack. :slight_smile: I can’t tell if there is a question in there, lol.

We have one user that is pretty knowledgeable on thermostat wiring, @speadie. They might be able to help from that description, but normally it is a good idea to already have a picture of both ends of the thermostat wiring posted and ready to go for them to look at (at the thermostat & at the furnace control board), and whether you have a heat pump. Sometimes the wiring gets crossed or spliced, and having a photograph of each end lets them know what’s really going where.

So posting that info might be a suggestion if you want to try for some help from the users here. :slight_smile: