Troubleshoot Thermostat Installation

Anyone? Anyone?

Either you forgot to tell the wyze that you have a G wire on your old thermostat during setup by selecting it, or your wyze thermostat is defective. Also, why is this entire post an image?

Because I thought that was the easiest way to convey all of the needed information. Anyway, I deleted the device and started over from scratch, making SURE the “G” box was checked on the setup screen. The rest of the install proceeded without error and it now seems to be working fine, BUT I have another concern. This thermostst is installed in a beach rental property precisely so that we can monitor the heating/cooling during off-rental periods. Would a WYZE-savvy renter be add the thermostst to their own account and then be able to control/modify settings or schedules that I have put into it? I obviously can’t put it into “lock” mode as renters will still need the ability to set their own comfort level temperatures. Is this a thing?

I don’t think that is possible. The thermostat should be locked to your account. I suppose the renter could force reset the thermostat and add it to their account, but this seems unlikely, and you would be sure to notice when it went offline on your app.

Excellent, thanks. Last question, is there any use for the included YWRG “pigtail” module that apparently is only used when there is no “C” wire?. Doesn’t seem “right” to just throw it out.

Nope, the C adapter is only useful if you don’t have a C wire at your thermostat.