Reinstall issues thermostat issues

I’m at a complete loss and we’re dying from the heat inside our home. Please help!

I wished internet providers. With that I had to readd all my wyze devices. I contacted support to see if there was away to just change the WiFi for the thermostat so I wouldn’t have to go through the set up all over again. They told me I had to go through the process. Which I did but I don’t have pictures saved from my phone I uploaded them when I did the initial install but they’re not on my phone. So I am using the current wiring set up to go through the install (I’ve been trying to maas with this thing for 2.5 weeks now). It never ask me to do the wiring for the actual furnace just the thermostat. During the test , it doesn’t pass my heating test. Asks me if I have forced air (yes) but then wants me to check my radiator which I don’t have. Heat and cool both come from vents. I’ve tried removing it and adding it so many times I just want to give up! :sob:

It won’t cool down the house enough its constantly saying it’s 81-83 degrees inside our house . At this point it’s cooler outside. My boyfriend is annoyed I got a smart thermostat to begin with, this isn’t helping my cause.


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i need pictures of the wiring , both thermostat and furnace side to determine if it’s wired properly.


@speadie is a Jedi Master with the wiring. I can’t really help with that because the new setup install will have to be the same as the original install and I don’t know the wiring like he does. Post the pics and it should help pretty quickly.

This is just for the next time you switch ISP or upgrade your WiFi Router: If you name the new WiFi Router the EXACT same SSID as the old one and use the EXACT same password, your Wyze devices will never know you upgraded to a new mothership and will log into it without ever questioning their place in the universe.


I should I should not be allowed todo this stuff. I can’t even figure out how to post a picture. I didn it once before in May during the initial set up and needed help but now I can’t find the option to add photos.

I believe this will give you the pictures? Before and after the setup. The order that the white wires are in g c w y r.

Bf thinks it’s our AC now (fan doesn’t turn on) not sure if AC unit ol And poor timing of everything. Or if it’s a wyze issue.

The upload button at the bottom should allow you to post in photos.

Or you can just copy them to your clipboard and paste them into your text.

Can you tell me if you see my photos up above? There should be 7

Yes. They all linked thru to Google Photos and loaded fine.

@speadie should be able to get a read on them. I wouldn’t begin to know what they all do.

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Ah. You have a C adapter, and I’m willing to bet when you reset the thermostat, you told it you have a “C” wire. But, in order for the C adapter to work properly, you need to tell it that you do not have a C wire, then and only then will it enable the C adapter functionality.

If it thinks you don’t need the C adapter, you wont get cooling if you have a C adapter installed, so reset it again and tell it you have the following wires: Rc, G, Y1, W1

No need to change any wiring, although I would suggest that you shorten the W and R leads at the C adapter with the furnace powered off, so they don’t have a chance to short circuit against each other- this is a disaster waiting to happen:

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You would be correct that what I did 11+ days ago messing to my post. However, this weekend when I went searching for the original photos to post I updated it correctly to allow for the c-wire. Is there reason to believe that the wyze unit could be why our fan won’t kick on in the AC outside? I didn’t really don’t want to go through the hassle of rewiring the wires in the furnace but if it’s currently a hazard and wires need to be shortened I might as well rule it out before having a professional to come out and figure out what’s wrong with the AC.

I appreciate the help humans.

If the outdoor compressor kicks on, but the outside fan doesn’t (or just sits there and hums), then you likely have a bad fan capacitor in the outside unit. You can replace that yourself, if you know what you are doing, but it can hold a lethal charge, so it’s generally a job best left to the professionals.

If the outdoor unit is not doing anything- no humming, whirring, clicking, etc, then I’d still recommend you try resetting it again and make sure you do not tell it you have a C wire, and that you have a G wire. Even if you’re sure you told it you don’t have a C wire last time, it is an easy mistake to make, and resetting it and re-selecting your “old thermostat wires” as Rc, G, W1, and Y1 is as the fastest way to make 100% sure.

For the rewiring, all you need to do is loosen the terminals up a bit and clip the wires a bit shorter and then reinsert and tighten them so that they cannot accidentally make contact with each other - generally you want the copper part of the wire to be inside the terminal with the insulation flush against the unit. A little bit of copper outside isn’t usually a problem, but in your case, the bare copper of the R wire can easily touch the bare copper of the W wire, which can cause all sorts of problems - such as your wyze randomly turning off, or the heat being stuck in the on position.