WiFi change problems Thermos

What a horror story, I bought a new WiFi, Alexa took all of two minutes to update five Echos, my TV a minute and a half.

My Wyze bulbs I have to climb ladders and unscrew each one three times, one at a time. I got one to work, so it is possible.

Cameras in housings must be accessed via ladders, cut open and reset. Maybe after it stops raining next week, for now they are dead.

The thermostat is my current nightmare. I tried deleting it, I could see no way to reset the wifi. Wyze forces me to go through the entire install procedure then says it can’t see the thermostat. Anyone know how to fix this? Thanks.

I can’t imagine buying any more smart anythings not from an established brand, sales price is a poor metric for total cost of ownership in this field, what happens when these guys go belly up or get acquired?

Probably would have been much easier to change the ssid/password on your new router to your previous ones.

Did you press the knob on the thermostat for 10 - 15 seconds to reset?

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Yah. Manually having to reset Wyze cams, etc. is awful. A remote reset and on the fly wifi change has been on the wish list for quite a while if I’m not mistaken. I guess a smart watch is much more relevant.

I did not reset, will try that, but expect I got bigger issues since I deleted it. Too late for the rename trick for me. I have ten other devices already remapped.

If not for the thermostat (which I never got into Alexa either) I would just pitch the five cameras, and bulbs and consider it a lesson learned.

I had one text conversation with support and the renaming was not suggested, but the guy said I had to go in order, bulbs, camera, thermostat. He did not say why. My cameras will be a nightmare, they are glued into housings, packed with desiccant, and in inaccessible locations.

After you reset the thermostat, you will need go through setup again, but it goes quick since it’s already installed.

Agreed it’s a PITA to change the wifi, that’s why I’ve been using the same ssid/password for over 10 years lol

It is, can’t wait for mine.

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Atta boy! Throw your money at it and hope for the best lol. Wyze thanks you for your patronage.


The 10 second turn off to reset, followed with walking through the install again, and rebooting the ipad twice to get Wyze to find "the network " did the trick. Thanks.

I am still raging pissed about having to climb ladders, cut open, replace desiccant, reseal, climb ladders, and re-aim multiple cameras. In the rain.

Then I get to drag a stepladder into the living room, climb it, and one by one unscrew my “smart bulbs”, tap my toes three times and say “there is no place like Wyze” just to get the f-ing things to work.

It puts new meaning into the word “smart”. And it would have to be used pejoratively in terms of my Wyze purchases.