Thermostat is junk and support on it is worse

  • Ordered the pre sale > got the Thermostat

  • Had to reset it and reinstall it twice during first set up. Everything on the system and wiring was fine the thermostat just would not complete the setup.

  • Alexa could not adjust it due to the pre sets (in all fairness’ they addressed that in the 1st update)

  • Now the thing falls off the network once a week. The thermostat shows a cloud off line and you can control it with the iphone app, but Alexa reports it off line and can not reach it.

  • To make it worse at night the preset I set was for 77 degrees the thermostat drops it to 75 and runs for about a minute turns off for two minutes and the turns back on and runs for another minute. and does this all night. My work around was after the preset kicked in tell Alexa to set the temp at 77 and now that does not work so have to get out of bed grab my phone and adjust the temp.
    And in conclusion my electric bill went up 30.00 for the last several months.

  • Asked to return the Thermostat and I was told I had it for over thirty days so no refund.
    Keeping in mind I have called every other week to try and fix this thing and the answer is always the same “I will send it to my thermostat team and will get back to you in a couple of days” > Never hear back.

  • Since Wyze wont stand behind their product and replace or let me return the thermostat because I am sure they need my 50.00 bucks to stay in business.

  • Last straw was today rest the thermostat again but this time got a communication error. Called Wyze and after giving the person on the other end my email 6 times said forget it removed the thermostat and put my old one back in

  • I put my old thermostat back in place and it works fine. Will install an ecobee next Xmas when they are on sale. Also will be cancelling my preorder of the security system and color bulbs. The bulbs no problem the white ones I have work fine… But I am not going to trust my home to a company does security on the side and has a history of selling bad sensors, including the thermostat.

After reading your experience I think I’m just going to abandon applying valuable time to trying to make my Wyse thermostat work as advertised. It’s doing all the things you’ve pointed out. I was actually replacing a Nest thinking the Wyse team would have a better product. This adds to my opinion that this company is out for the fast buck and is losing its grip on building great products that are affordable and useful in the marketplace.

Don’t you need a new task light? :rofl:

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