Wyze cams keep dropping

I am in Florida, 5 Cams are in Michigan. I have 3 Nest thermostats also.
every device has dropped offline. The router is a new blackhawk, and modem is a new one from Charter Spectrum. I called Charter and they said modem is working fine after they pinged it and rebooted it.
This is the 3 rd time this has happened in 3 months , it seems about once every month things will go off-line. What can i do to prevent this?
There was not a power outage , and I can’t connect to my router remotely.
thanks .

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Unfortunately remotely fixing it isn’t easy. One suggestion that some others have used is to get a cheap smart plug from another brand so that if the cameras go offline but there’s still internet access, you can reboot the camera remotely by turning the plug on and off.

The reason to use another brand for the plug instead of a Wyze plug is so that if the problem is with Wyze (or the Amazon Server Wyze uses), you still may have access to the other brand plug to reboot the camera.