Camera shows offline

Hey, I have 2 Wyze Cams in my patio and one of the cameras goes offline randomly sometimes. I have also hooked the cameras to a push button power strip to disconnect them when I am out there. The other camera works fine.

Any reason why the first camera isn’t online sometimes? Could it be defective?

A defect is always possible. How far away is the camera that drops offline? How many walls are between it and the router? How much metal? What router do you use?


The camera is about 10-12 feet away from the router. I have a Arris router, whatever Spectrum provides. There are no walls in between, they cameras are behind a kitchen window in the patio. The other camera that works fine is right next to it.

If the camera comes right back up when you press the ‘reload’ button on screen, and that doesn’t happen but a few times a day, then you are probably within the realm of normal. But it the camera is down when you do that, or that happens a lot, then you should get with support to see what they think.

On the surface, I don’t see much in your setup that would cause this. However, the cams do drop offline occasionally. The trick is do they come back with a reload.