Wyze thermostat dropping Wi-Fi

In my location(s), the Thermostat is the ONLY device that has a connection issue. (PERIOD)

I have even wired up a NC relay to a Wyze switch, to temporally interrupt the RED wire, powering it off, then turning the switch off to re-connect power to the thermostat. The Thermostat ALWAYS comes back online after the power-on. So why, WYZE, can you not have the Thermostat reboot the Wi-Fi circuit of the Thermostat upon loss of connection to the internet???

I tried the WYZE Mesh Pro, and the problem did NOT fix itself! I have returned the pair of devices due in part to it not being the fix, and the devices got way too hot. Even on a flat surface.

In my location(s), the Thermostat is the ONLY device that has a connection issue. (PERIOD)

Give me a way to get off of Ver 1.2.6 and back to 1.1.8

You certainly are a one trick pony. All of my devices are upgraded to v1.18 and I have stabilized my devices by doing what I noted in my first post. It is not the firmware. It is how the firmware is interacting with the network. If you fix the router and how it is responding to the device requests and or communication the issue does go away. My point is that it really should not take that much work if there was decent documentation and the firmware were to use a little more standard stack.

Even if you could roll back to v1.18 that is not a practical solution as you will be there forever. It would like still being on Windows 3.1 because you “think” it is more stable when in fact is only that you understand it best. You know the devil you know vs. the one you would actually have to sit down and learn the new devil (or in this case sit down and do some real work to understand what is going on).

Blaming the firmware with out being specific is just dumb and an easy answer to not have to do any of the work to point out what is specifically wrong with the current firmware. If you were to provide specifics and not guesses or assumptions you may actually get traction on your complaints.

Let’s not continue this debate. You will not come arond to understanding my point, and i likely not yours.

If I had a appliance (refrigerator) that worked with win 3.1, key word “worked”, and there were no additional security or enhancements needed (appliance was working as user expected, and reliably). Then I would say, keep it on win 3.1. Just like Microsoft giving me more features that I don’t demand or need, but never fulling fixing the core features.

Fix the core basic features, operating as a thermostat w/smart connectivity. From Wyze I now have a device that is unreliable, and you say to fix my network, when this is the SINGLE device that is having any issues. My Ecobee thermostats have NO issues, I’d prefer to keep my eco system to a single vendor, Wyze, but they are making it difficult to do. That is my single point.

I’m in the IT networking field, and If I and many others are having connectivity issues, then how can this product be a success with the average consumer??? I even tried their newest Mesh pro Wifi, without success. I refuse to simple reboot my router every evening to fix this ridiculous issue with one single device product (several copies of the same product) I’m not alone here, but I am done defending how I analyze the issue. TTFN