Thermostat offline repeatedly

Do you have a ticket number available. I would like to pass this up the chain for review.


Not for that particular Log file

For what it’s worth, here is the Ticket Number they gave me in the email that said to “Hold off on any further troubleshooting”.

Wyze Ticket 3211227

Any ticket number so my POC at Wyze can look into this. They would like to look into your tickets based on your comment that support asked you to not try troubleshooting any further

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Still connected this morning!

Okay… Still connected!
A couple of times I’ve seen a thin black and white banner flash near the top of the app but it’s gone so fast, I can’t see what it says.

Anyway, I’m going to be quiet until something else happens.

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Went offline again this morning sometime in the middle of the night.

Still offline… haven’t touched it.

Log File 1141478


Later… Around 10am…

Rebooted my router and the thermostat was back online.

That’s a first for me.

Don’t know if the reboot did it or if it just happened when I wasn’t looking.


Sunday morning 8/13/23
Still connected



Oh… Looks like we’re on a roll!
Still connected!


Update 8/18/23

Still connected but…
Now my Wyze Cam V3 goes offline in the middle of the night.

I sent a Log File from the camera.
Log #1148120

I’m happy the thermostat is working!!!

The camera will probably come back online sometime today all by itself.

I’m using a Netgear R6020 Router and I may be pushing the limit of the number of connected devices.

I’m looking to upgrade but the choices are mind-boggling.


Camera came back online before 9am this morning… that was sooner than expected.



:+1: It’s all good today!

I think I have figured out why this started happening.
I was looking at my DDWRT based wifi access point and i noticed that one of my devices on my network uses the HT20PS (Powersave) option, while every other 2.4Ghz device on the network uses plain old HT20 (Non-Powersave) mode. I took a quick look at my wyze thermostat’s IP address and it matches the IP that my access point is reporting is using powersave. I’m assuming at some point that a developer turned on powersave mode for the thermostat’s WIFI stack without realizing that the powersave option is buggy and doesn’t allow a device to always respond to a network ping correctly - eg the device will look like it is offline.

The powersave protocol is supposed to sleep the wifi after a period of inactivity, and tell the router to hold all the frames for that device until the device wakes up and requests them, but in my experience, all the powersave option ever does on devices is cause them to drop their connection constantly.


So this is not something that the end user has control over?

No, this is set by the firmware on the thermostat.

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Well that would be exciting if it leads to a solution. I’ve been running the beta firmware for a few weeks and it still drops offline but seems to recover.

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I just updated 2 of mine with the Beta 1.2.8 and will post status updates.

I did the same. NC relay, when powered on, interrupts the Red C wire. This reboots the T-Stat.

Had considered using a simple timer to do reboot nightly at 12:30am,

So the “Funny thing” is the wyze plug has NEVER lost connectivity.

Ok… What is going on?

This morning I clicked on the App to check on my connection and a colorful Wyze logo comes up and says “Let’s get started”.

That never happens.

Then it wanted me to sign in!

What’s up with that? What are they doing?

Your app updated to the Beta Test Release.

See the App Beta Test Thread …


If your using a Wyze smart plug to trigger your relay you can schedule a 1 minute timer in the Wyze app. I’m also using a relay and smart plug to do the reboot. Works perfectly and is never offline anymore.

My wyze thermostat would go offline after a couple weeks or after a day or two. So wyze sent me a new one about three months ago. That one stayed online for several weeks before, once again, going offline. I am away from the location so I have to have someone go over and power off/power on. Then it stays online for awhile. So, I am ready to give up and buy another brand. All of my wyze cameras, my ring doorbell, my wifi lights, never go offline. Just this thermostat. Wyze company appears to be unaware of the problem or is unable to fix it. I can’t be the only one having this issue.

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You’re not the only one…
From now on I’m just going to submit a Log File to Support. The community here has done all it could do.
I was posting here because I didn’t want them to think the problem had gone away but the Log File is going to have to do. The problem is Too random!
Fortunately, I’m not remote unless we’re on vacation…

I fixed my Thermostat connectivity problem. Finally had more than enough!!!

Purchased 2 new ecobee3 lite units. and my friend with the rental home has purchased 3 to solve his issues. $189 each, worth every penny! Works as they should!

Shame on Wyze, Shame on Wyze, Shame on Wyze for not addressing this connectivity issues in any public or meaningful way.

If you go the ecobee route, you will appreciate the touch screen that acts like a smartphone screen. no more twisting the knob and pushing/clicking

The wiring terminals are labeled exactly the same, so easy one4one wiring. Takes about 10 minutes to replace. 20 minutes start to finish.

Oh, and if you want to change to a different wifi network, simple onscreen connection setup, select the ssid, type the passphrase. No full re-install to accomplish such a simple task.

Wyze, take a look at the ecobee units and come out with a Thermostat-V2, then I can have my home automation in one place. I tried to stay in the Wyze ecosystem, but you forced me out on the Thermostat Connectivity unresolved issues.


I have had enough too. When I get home I will buy the ecobee

“If You Only Do What You Can Do, You Will Never Be More Than You Are Now.”

There are several versions of the ecobee units. At Home Depot/Lowes (retail) the unit is not the 3 lite, but is the Enhanced version with a radar sensor to help distinguish home/away. and then there is the Premium bundle with a sensor that does all kinds of air quality things including smoke detection and notification to you. Don’t necessarily go cheap, might be good time to treat yourself/family to useful advanced tech. 3lite, enhanced, and premium. Be well and enjoy technology that works for you, reliably.

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