Thermostat offline repeatedly

Just the C wire. That power cycles the thermostat.

Funny thing. I’ve never had a Wyze plug drop offline. NEVER. After I built and wired in my relay, the first time I actually needed to use it, the Wyze plug controlling it was offline. It was as if the all-knowing Wyze Cloud knew what I was trying to do and prevented it.

Thankfully, changing the prioritization setting in my router has made it unnecessary to use my magic fix. But I left it wired in until we see a permanent fix for this issue.

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Hey, it came back online… And I didn’t do anything!

That’s different!


This is puzzling as I have not had any issues since we discussed this a while back, I am also on the latest Beta FW.

  • I have a Trane HVAC system and not using the C-Wire Adapter. What is you setup?
  • What Router setup are you using?

Asking the questions above as I am willing to do some testing and comparisons if needed.

Glad it came back on its own though.

I have a Netgear R6020 router.

We have an ICP Tempstar, Dual Fuel, 3 Ton Package Unit… using the “C”- Wire adapter.
We went for a long time without any issues.

We’ve got 3 Wyze cameras and 2 Wyze outlets, and the thermostat is the only thing that has connection issues.

Only Difference, other than equipment is that I have used the ASUS ZenWiFi Xt8 Router setup without issues as well as the Wyze Mesh and Currently the Wyze Mesh Pro setup.

I also do not use the C-Adapter. I am wondering if it could be related to that, off chance. Have you looked to see if there was any spare wires in the Furnace and at the T-Stat.

I don’t use the C adapter for any of my therms and have fought this issue for over a year. I cannot believe that the issue has anything whatsoever to do with the AC unit. It is 100% a networking problem within the Wyze thermostat and/or its connection to the Wyze servers.


I may upgrade my Router at some point, but I get pretty good coverage now and the T-Stat is the only thing I have a problem with, and it’s just right around the corner… I have a solid 3 bars on the T-Stat.

The thermostat always has power so I don’t think there’s any issue with the c.wire adapter. Following the instructions with the thermostat, it went in without a hitch.

I do appreciate you looking at this…

Not saying it is an AC Unit issue, trying to determine the differences. Also, if you have a faulty Adapter, you could have issues.

I personally am not experiencing this issue at all and have not in sometime.

This is why I am trying to reason things out. Note: I am not a Wyze Employee but a community volunteer.

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Understand completely and very much appreciate you moderating. I just wish a Wyze employee would show up here, see that there are genuine issues with one of their products, say “we know there’s a problem”, seek input from those with the issue and fix it. Thanks again, RHM

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Just to update…
My T-Stat was still connected this morning.
If it’s going to go offline, it always seems to be in the middle of the night.
If it goes offline, I send a Log File as soon as I notice it. It’s like a Message in a Bottle though…
The last firmware update was directed at this issue, so I’m encouraged.
I’ve got to think that the Log File is the best form of feedback. A little feedback from Wyze Engineering would be nice. :slightly_smiling_face:

couldn’t agree more

agree 100%

Thanks. Please provide the log number if you needed to create one.

I provided the Log number to Support as instructed when I created the file, but then Support contacted me and said the file goes straight to Engineering and they couldn’t help me except to tell me to do a factory reset. (So that was a waste of my time)
I could list my Log files here but this is just a Community Board… Noone from Wyze Engineering ever chimes-in here as far as I know …
I think the Community has done everything it can and I appreciate the efforts, but this is a common problem and it’s up to Wyze Engineering now.
I’ll continue to send Log Files and post and progress here.

Provide the Log number here as well

Actually, maybe a fresh Log number if it happens again.


My thermostat stayed online for over a month. Just went to Florida and it immediately disconnected. Coincidence or something more?

When I got home Friday evening I reset my Starlink and logged out and logged back into Starlink and so far I haven’t had anymore issues with it going off line. Fingers crossed!

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So I had the one offline event after I updated the beta firmware the other day, which unexpectedly reconnected…
But I’m still connected so perhaps they’ve solved this!
Too early to tell but :crossed_fingers:!

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awesome knock on wood. :slight_smile:

Log File 1138264

This was different…
Normally if I lose my connection, it’s in the middle of the night.
Last night I noticed it at 10:30.
I sent this Log File and explained this was earlier than usual.
I left the thermostat offline and went to bed just to see what I’d find in the morning.

Well… it was back online without me doing anything.

I received an email from Support the day before asking me to not try to troubleshoot this any further and that Wyze was working on resolving this issue.