Thermostat offline repeatedly

I’m participating in the beta program and didn’t get that notice. I wonder if it was there 1.2.7 firmware update? I already have that.

1.2.7 is the latest update

Somewhere there is a Log that shows all the notes for each version… but I have a heck of a time finding it…

“Home” → “Wyze Thermostat Firmware”

Not much detail though.

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I had one thermostat go off line again this AM and the other is now off line too. So mine went from a 5/9 reboot till today with the latest firmware. Both are still showing connected to my router and can also be pinged.

With all this information you would think wyze could figure out a solution

It is a lot of information and logs to compile to find the cause. But isolating it when it isn’t systemic is probably causing much of the delay. It isn’t happening to every thermostat, only a mere percentage of them.

I have had mine for two years on the production firmware, including the current release, on three different routers, and have never experienced the offline issue that some users have on a regular basis.

Based on what I have been reading from watching this thread, I am beginning to believe that the regular connection to the server by the thermostat is somehow getting blocked or lost by some obscure security protocol or routing matrix only in certain brands of routers running specific brands or versions of firewall or VPN software. That is a needle in the haystack scenario to find since none of the logs contain that data.

It would be an interesting experiment to take an old simple WiFi router from years past that doesn’t have all the firewall bells and whistles these new ones have (I have a handful of 10 and 15 year old WiFi routers in a crate) and hang it off of the modem\ONT as a separate network, install the thermostat only to that, and see if it will stay alive. That would at least determine if the issue is being caused by some incompatibility in the router.

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It’s a possible cause, but in my case, I had no issues up till maybe 3-4 months ago.
I had made no network changes and it just started happening out of the blue. I’ll now get days to weeks with no issues and then either one or both will drop but my router will still say they are connected and I can ping them. Doubt it is related, but I’m also one of the users that have no insights button available,

Most likely not related. I do not get any insights either.

I posted the following in another thermostat thread back in February. Once I made the referenced router config change, my cabin thermostat hasn’t been offline once. I’m deathly afraid of upgrading to the new firmware since doing so on one of the updates in the last year bricked one of my thermostats. Thankfully Wyze replaced it.

Here’s what I wrote:

I have three WYZE thermostats: two at my home and one at a remote cabin. The two at home work just fine. The remote one drops offline continuously. I took one of the ones from the house and swapped with the one at the cabin and the problem stayed at the cabin, so Wi-Fi there is some part of the problem.

I’ve poked around in the cabin router (a Calix 844G-1) off and on for months, looking for something that might interfere. Finally found a setting for WMM (Wi-Fi MultiMedia) that supposedly provides Quality of Service and traffic prioritization. Exactly the kind of thing that different router vendors might implement differently.

So, I turned that feature off five days ago and the thermostat hasn’t been offline since. I won’t claim this as a fix, only that this is the longest my thermostat has stayed online in a long while.

If this is the fix, I’ll be thrilled. If not, I’m ready with a Rube Goldberg fix that will allow me to reboot the thermostat remotely using a WYZE plug. Let me know if you would like the details on that.

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Thanks for the info @RamblingTexan! I had similar issues on a previous router and their QOS prioritization with other Wyze devices.

Your experience supports my theory.

These Mega Mesh and Spider Gaming Routers made today have far too much internal automated decision making packed into them. They are beginning to be too smart for their own good and end up fouling up something with their constant internal tinkering.

New information on my setup… for what it’s worth…
About a week ago, when it was starting to look like Wyze may have this fixed, my thermostat went offline… after being rock solid for about 5 months.
What changed? I had just installed 2 new “Smart” devices… a Dimmer Switch and a Temperature & Humidity Sensor.
The only way I could fix my thermostat was to flip the HVAC breaker.
After a few days of having my thermostat go offline randomly, I decided to remove the Temp & Humidity Sensor.
I just did that last night, so we’ll see what happens.
The odd thing about the Sensor was, it didn’t show up as an Attached Device.
It did when I first installed it. I even named it in my router… But it disappeared the next day.
However, when I went to the App, it still reported temp and humidity, although it’s never been very accurate (but somehow relative).
Anyway, we’ll see what happens.
I am curious though, how a device can seemingly work without showing up as an Attached Device.
One thing is for sure, the Wyze Thermostat connection is way too vulnerable. Nothing else I have, including cameras, switches, outlets, printers and dimmers have this connection problem.

I wonder why these issues don’t seem to happen with other smart thermostats like Honeywell, ecobee, etc.,?

Curious… What brand of sensor was this? It will be interesting to see if this was the device messing up the Thermostat connection in the router.

Unfortunately, I have had this happen before. Also devices showing as offline in the router when I am on the device streaming content. Seems like the router UI isn’t refreshing with updated data.

Are you sure they don’t?
Check their community forums. I have not had good luck with Honeywell… I’ll never buy another Honeywell product if I can help it.
My son has a Google Nest… and it has random connection issues…
(the firmware was probably contracted by the same programmers :face_with_raised_eyebrow: :slightly_smiling_face:)


The sensor I got from Amazon… It’s a SmartHome TH01 by Senckit. I like having IFTTT and I’d rather not have a different App for each device.
As far as it not showing up in my Router… I trust my Netgear router more than I trust this Sensor.
Going back to the Amazon reviews, it looks like the vast majority of the reviews are from foreign countries.

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Ok, it’s been a few days now and I have not lost the connection to my thermostat since I removed that SmartHome Temperature and Humidity sensor. So, it looks like that was the culprit…
But if my thermostat goes offline again, I’ll report in.

At any rate… the thermostat should not be that easy to bump offline… Nothing else is.

Update 6/1/23
Is it just me?
Every day, for the last 3 days, my thermostat loses it’s connection in the middle of the night.

It’s been a few weeks since my last update. But my original finding about blocking then unblocking the MAC has not worked but twice. So I think it was just dumb luck. The thermostat stayed online for a week starting on 5/9, then went offline. I took a trip to the house and moved it to a new WIFI 6 router and it stayed online for another week. I honestly thought it was the router as @spamoni4 indicated. But it’s been offline since 5/19 at this point. I’m at a loss.

One question for anyone that might know. I updated to FW beta 1.2.7, How do you update to the release version of the FW?

I’d be interested to hear of folks’ experience with the latest release of thermostat firmware. Did it help the disconnect issue? Or make it worse? Or no change? I’m afraid to update to it, given that my thermostat has been stable on the previous release since I changed the QoS settings in my router.

That Beta became the public release. If it had been further modified before public release it would have been given an updated firmware number and pushed to your thermostat as a new firmware update. You are now on the public release version. When a new Beta is available, it will show in your app.

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