The Best Sound in the World: Wyze Cordless Vacuum Preorder - 6/1/21

Meet Wyze Cordless Vacuum, an absolute beast of a cleaning machine with the design elegance you’ve come to expect from every Wyze product. Built for handling the toughest-to-clean surfaces, we put a crazy powerful 24,000Pa motor inside that puts the competition to shame. Oh, we’re also shaming them on price, because who on earth should have to spend $800 for a vacuum these days? Ours is $119. Because that’s what it actually should cost. We know, we built it. Available now on


Q. I just ordered so now I need to find a place in my loft next to power to hang it. What are the dimensions needed? How long and wide is the actual hanger? But, most importantly, what is the depth needed - how far does it stick out/room do you need to get it on/off the hanger?


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Not a fan of the mount. This is a dealbreaker for me :frowning:

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Hi, thank you for the question. First of all, the charger cable is 70 inch long so please make sure the mount is close to a wall outlet. The mount base is very thin, so it will only take you around 9 inches from the wall. The width is about 9 inch as well with all the accessories inserted. Hope my info help.


thanks - just the info i needed.


My wife and I just barely purchased a new vacuum from Costco like a month or 2 ago when our old one died. I texted this to my wife laughing at the irony and bad timing.

She told me to buy this one anyway. I asked why. She said then we can have one on each floor and not risk our daughter breaking the other one up and down stairs and laying it down far from the mount.

Works for me. We’re in for 1.

I like that you are allowing us to buy accessories separately! I hate being forced to pay for so many extra accessories that I never use. We’re buying just 1 accessory and skipped all the ones we don’t care about. Of course we’ll still somehow have people complaining in the forums they didn’t realize they had to buy accessories separately (just as we had with the HMS extra sensors), but I am glad to save some money this way. Thanks.


Wish this was released before the handheld vacuum was released. :neutral_face:

Don’t think I would have needed the handheld vacuum if I had this as this would pretty much take care of both purposes.


I actually used these two vacuums at home. I realized that I never used the larger one for desk area cleaning, or quick spot cleaning when I spilled something, and I never used the smaller one (handheld vac) for weekend whole-home cleaning… BTW my wife only uses the handheld vac lol. They are good for different situations.


Welp, I just ordered one.

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Thanks for your order! :smiley:

This item looks good. Great price and I like that you can replace the battery for those long vacuuming days. My only issue is the brush head. The one I have now, has two heads, one with a brush for carpets and one with soft rotation pads that will not scratch hardwood, or vinyl plank flooring. My vinyl plank flooring manufacture does not recommend the brush type for their floors. I hope some day you come out with an optional head. If so, this will be my next vacuum. If not, I will have to pass.


Is the motorized brush included in the box with pre-order? Does it serve same purpose as the “mini-motorized” brush ?

The following statement in under FAQ is confusing: The cordless vacuum comes only with a Crevice Tool and 2-in-1 Brush Tool.

Please clarify.

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@Jhon, I’ll tell the team! Thanks for the feedback!

@rtaneti, the mini brush at the end is a separate one. The vacuum does come with the regular motorized brush. :slight_smile:


Obviously nobody but beta testers have this Wyze vac yet, but as a general question, how do these cordless vacuums compare to regular 120v plug in upright vacs? The cordless seem to be the thing these days and our regular Shark upright is getting old, so I’m thinking about this one, but not sure if cordless is as powerful as plug-in on carpet. Bare floors are easy and don’t need as much power, but carpets need more power.

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Again, ordered another Vac. :slight_smile: Now I have the Robot Vac, Hand Vac, and when this comes in the Cordless Vac. Not that I needed, but great for the hardwood floors and cleanup in a pinch. The Hand held Vac works great for the Cars.

Can’t wait… :slight_smile:


So the regular motorized brush can be used without the extension/aluminium tube or does it require the “mini”?

@rtaneti, the mini brush is not required for regular vacuum function. :slight_smile:

I’m confused on the accessory folding tube. How long is the aluminum tube that comes with the base price vacuum? Do you need the extra folding tube to vacuum the floor while standing up or is the one that comes with it long enough?

Usually, the pure floor cleaning time is less than 10 min for most households. We don’t count the time for plug/unplug or moving chairs. The battery life should be sufficient for most use cases. The suction power of this cordless vacuum is strong enough to pick up large debris. For direct comparison with upright vacs, I suggest looking at its Air watt numbers. Wyze Cordless Vac is 150AW