Cordless Vacuum

I just received the cordless Vacuum. It’s pretty nice and works well. I’d suggest getting another battery when you buy one because if you run it on turbo, the battery goes fast. My one suggestion is to make the vacuum taller/longer. It seems short. I’m 6’3” and when I tried to use it I was constantly hunched over. There should be an extension tube or an option to get a longer one for us taller people.

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Good to hear… I did go ahead and order that extra battery. Can’t wait to get mine to see how it does now. …Of course, being of smaller stature, the extension won’t be an issue… still, hope they add one for those who do need it to keep from having to bend into “lurking pose” to use it.!

Does anybody know where I can find a key for the messages it displays on the LED screen?

So far I love the vacuum, but it keeps showing all kinds of letter and numbers that look like it’s trying to tell me something, but I cannot find what they mean. For the most part I guess it shows how much charge it has, but I can’t tell what anything else means and there is not key on the paperwork.

What was your order date? I am trying to get an idea of when i might receive mine! lol

Jun 1st. I think that might’ve been the day they announced it.

nice! i ordered mine on June 1st too! let’s hope it shows in the next couple days!

Hopefully mine will be shipped with the next batch. Wyze Jimmy stated this in the last email on 8/25:

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Has anyone made a video review on the cordless vacuum? I would love to see it, if so. Excited to get mine but I don’t think mine will be sent out with the next batch so I will probably be waiting another month.

I have not found anything except the one from Wyze (Had a different one I found but it was a computerized voice and kept repeating.) If I find anything else, I will add it:

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I’ve been waiting for months ! I use to think wyze was a great company, as I own 4 cameras . Now this cordless vac . thing is WAY OUTA HAND ! They take your money on pre order and if I ever get the Vac is a just wait and see thing. How do I get it out of them ? I can’t even figure how to get my money back ! They keep directing me to different areas and big run around. So am I suppose the just let them have my money? As I can’t get it back! I know this will go nowhere !

Be Patient ?!? I’ll be Dead before i get the cordless vac at this rate!!! This Is a Joke !!!

Try calling Wyze Customer Support:

Wyze Customer Support: (206) 339-9646
Available Monday - Friday 4 am - 8 pm PT
Saturday 8 am - 4 pm PT


Like you, I am a customer and community member of Wyze. I have been ordering items from Wyze for many years now and have had no issue or complaints. I realize and fully expect that a pre-order is not an immediate delivery of the item but more of a supporter of the product. I fully expect delays, fixes, and even supply shortages given the issues everyone is experiencing today.

I ordered mine the day it came out and am still waiting, guess I have a different take on this than you. Personally, I don’t see a need to get worked up. After seeing the positive feedback on the cordless vacuum, only makes it more exciting to me.

May I recommend that you order products once they are no longer in pre-order and are officially released for public consumption.

@Seapup provided the contact for Wyze. Calling is normally a better way to get faster feedback and support.


I agree. I know what I am signing up for when I preorder. I get the product before everyone else, but pay for it months in advance. Always have to weigh out the cost/benefit. I would recommend waiting until the official product launch before ordering if you are unable to wait a few months. The reviews on it sound fantastic, so should be worth the wait!

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You’re getting mad about a 2 month delay, during a materials, chips and labor shortage? During a pandemic…AND you got a discount for pre ordering.

Maybe take spamoni4’s suggestion and only purchase items that are readily available and in stock.

FYI I pre-ordered too (on June 1), didn’t receive mine in the first batch, but got my shipping notification yesterday. Looks like mine is getting delivered today.


For anyone that got one how is it? Seen some pics and it looks good. Just wondering how it works, can’t wait to get rid of my old corded vacuum. Thanks

here is someones report on the Vacuum

The moment I saw that Wyze had a cordless stick vacuum- about 3 days ago- I knew that was going to be my next vacuum! I’ll have to wait until they are available for sale again. Does anyone know a rough estimate of the time frame?

@miss415 I would guess the next orders don’t start until around late November. They have a ton of preorders that are still yet to ship, but once they ship all those out, I bet they sell shortly after. Hopefully shipments go faster than they are expecting with all the delays and that you can buy one soon!

I also preordered mine June 1. Will I get a tracking number or will it just randomly show up at my place?