Replacement Charger for Wyze Cordless Vacuum (Upright)

I have (and love) the cordless upright vacuum. I have been using it for about a month and it is really user friendly and great. However, after Thanksgiving, I went to plug the unit in to the charging cable and POOF, it’s gone. I have tried to find the specs on it to order a new one, but I am having no luck. Also, I could not find a new charging cable for sale on the Wyze site. If anyone would be kind enough to point me in the right direction, my floors, wife, and I would be most grateful! Thanks!


I tried to contact support to get a replacement charger but everything goes to a chat bot now. Wyze has gone down hill fast and they dont support anything except that idiotic Wyze Cam subscription service to milk their customers for more money.

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I agree! Their customer support sucks and every software based product they sell has software issues, and there are even hardware issues like the dust bin gasket on the Cordless Vacuum, that falls out when you empty it. And you don’t notice because it gets covered in the dust in the trash can, that gasket should have been clipped in place and not just set in lid.

So i discovered the secret just now. I tweeted the @Wizecam account directly and they had me send an email by clicking “no” to all of the “Is this helpful?” questions on the support chat via the Wyze website. After i sent the email, I sent the ticket number to the customer support rep on Twitter and then I filled out a small form they sent me (via reply on Twitter direct) with the details of my order and vacuum cleaner. They are shipping me a brand new vacuum since they don’t sell or send chargers separately. They are also sending me a pre-paid label to ship my old vacuum back. I guess i figured it out today. Hope this helps.

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Can anybody tell me the voltage and amperage of the charger? I seem to have misplaced mine, and I want to find a replacement (since Wyze doesn’t sell replacement PS).

32V - 0.45A


Thanks. Wow, that’s a lot higher voltage than I was expecting.

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No problem… glad to help. :+1:

Were you able to find a replacement? I can’t find anything over 24.

Haven’t received it yet, so I don’t know for sure if it will work.

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I got it today and it works fine! 2 full charge cycles no problems.

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Worked for us too!!! thanks

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What color adapter did you use? I just purchased this and none of the adapters are fitting my cordless stick vac charging port…??

No adapter, just plug it straight in.

Hey, thanks for this! I ordered it, but it doesn’t seem to be charging the stick vac’s battery… I wonder if in the last month or two they slightly changed the product. How did you find this in the first place? Maybe That’ll help me find a good replacement charger now that this one has changed. Thanks for your help!

Yeah as I mentioned earlier, mine isn’t working either. huge bummer that the only option is to buy a new vacuum, i guess.

As I’m researching online, it looks like there’s a prominent difference between the original Waze Vacuum and the Vacuum S. Mine has the S moniker, which apparently means the voltage should be different. I bet this charger would work with the original vacuum, but what I can’t find is the voltage needed to charge the Vacuum S. Anyone have this information?

I went ahead and bought a new Vacuum S from Walmart. The charger specs are 27V at .5 amps.

You can get a charger like this on Amazon:

I didn’t test this one (since I have an actual Wyze charger now), but for anyone looking. Wyze support seemed to be just a bunch of robotic responses that essentially just told me to take the vacuum to Walmart to replace it instead of just sending me to voltages of the charger. And they absolutely do not have a charger for sale themselves.

Has anyone solved this problem for the S variety available at Walmart. Has anyone tried this posters suggestion of 27V at ,5 amps. Support seems to just give me the info on the original cordless which the feedback on this thread seems to indicate does not work, Can anyone please help.

Thank you!

I think your best bet is to try buying a charger at 27V 0.5amps on Amazon and trying it. Just send it back for a refund if it doesn’t work.