Wyze Robot Vacuum- Charger help, please

OK… I bought a Wyze Robot Vacuum several months ago and charged it- since then I had a major brain fart and somehow misplaced (OK, LOST) the AC outlet-to-charger cord. I contacted Wyze and they kindly sent me a new charger (very thankfu!!!- this whole mess is my issue, not theirs-). Unfortunately, the cord is NOT included in the charger package, so I’m stuck where I was previously: I have a vacuum that I can’t charge. I haven’t reached out to Wyze yet again B/C I feel like I should try to fix this myself.

Is there a kind, Wyze soul out there who can verify what this cord looks like- a picture, perhaps? I’m aware of the charger specs; I haven’t been able to find what I think I need on EBay or elsewhere yet. A picture might help me narrow the search. Below is a picture of one item but it doesn’t have a 90 degree bend on the charger end:


Thanks in advance for any help offered!

I’ll try and remember to get you a pic of the AC/DC charging adapter the next time I am around my Wyze Robot vac.

Wow, this is old. @SCross0823, are you still looking for anything?

No, situation resolved some time ago. Thanks

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Okay, I won’t worry about it anymore and send you the pics that I took SCross0823.

Thanks for following up.

You’re welcome. I won’t worry about sending the pics I took to you anymore.