Just got my Cordless Vac

Just got my cordless vac. And it ROCKS! Everything just snaps together so nicely and the display and sound are superior to the corded Dyson upright it’s replacing. I own a small Motel in the desert near the Grand Canyon (Canyons End Motel) and dust, rocks and little bugs are constantly getting everywhere. This vac tackles all of it effortlessly. I knew when I pre-ordered it, I would be very happy. Thanks Wyze Team for making an excellent product on the first try.


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This is great news, can’t wait for mine to come in.

UPDATE: My new cordless vac on turbo does the job fast. You can feel the suction power and the sand particles getting sucked up. Got into tight spots and under the beds, The big Dyson just got put in the back closet. Maybe sell it on Craigslist. Recharging for tomorrows work.


UPDATE #2: Before Guests arrive we always do a walk through to make sure unwanted guests looking for water (we’re in the desert) aren’t visiting. Armed with my new Cordless Vac and the crevice tool, a moth, a little scorpion and a tiny lizard got sucked up in Turbo Mode. The little lizard looked kinda dizzy after spinning around in the dust cap. It was easy to escort them to the edge of the property and flick open the dust cap cover so they dropped out. I can’t imagine not having this Vac to maintain my Motel. Thanks again Wyze Team.


Got mine today! Works great, so easy to handle. But the battery life is really disappointing. I’ll definitely need to order a spare when they become available. Other than the battery, it seems pretty wonderful so far.

UPDATE #3: After getting used to the power usage and recharge time I can do 2 - 300 sq. ft rooms on Turbo and it will recharge before I need it for the next 2 rooms. An extra battery will be ordered next.

Since we pride ourselves on clean rooms, I empty my Wyze vac each time to see what’s coming up from the carpets. I went back over a room already done using my upright Dyson and the big wad of hair and dust that came out of the Wyze Vac was almost embarrassing. The Dyson went off to Goodwill.

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These are great write-ups. WYze should use some of them as a testimonial to the effectiveness of the Cordless Vacuum.

I really appreciate the updates, still waiting for mine and am eager to get it after these writeups.

We just got ours, and it is very impressive! We have a much more expensive Dyson, and this vacuum blows it away!

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