Wyze Cordless Vacuum First Impressions

Love Wyze Thermostat and inexpensive cameras.

Ordered the stick vacuum June 1 and it arrived yesterday. I also have a Dyson V15 which is the third from them I’ve owned.

What I don’t like about the Dyson: no replaceable battery - it runs out in about 15 minutes on high speed and then up on the charger. Also very noisy and I wear ear muffs when using.

So was hoping the new Wyze with replaceable battery would do the trick.

It does kind of.

Bottom line: Works about half as well for a third the price (when you figure in extra battery filters etc)

I could tell the Wyze wasn’t pulling as much dirt out of the carpet - I was getting about a third as much as I usually do each week. Ran again with the Dyson and picked up the other two thirds.

The key advantage the Dyson has is the powered brush head attachment - doesn’t wrap with hair, is adjustable and simply pulls the carpet clean. The Wyze just can’t compete in this area.

Otherwise, the Wyze is much quieter on Turbo (really the only mode that works) and has a better display and that replaceable battery.

Unfortunately, it just doesn’t pull the dirt like the Dyson, so will be gifted to someone.

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