Stick vacuum

Looking for reviews on the stick vacuum. Do you like it? Works well? Does the head come off for vacuuming a corner or smaller area? Any comments will help me decide! THX

ok, so I waited months for this vacuum to come in stock. I ended up replacing my dyson v8 animal cordless stick with another v8 animal. 3 days later the wyze cordless came available. I ended up buying it as well.

My wyze cordless vacuum came in today and I have put it through 1 room of cleaning so far. I am directly comparing this to the same v8 animal stick vacuum that I have used the last 4-5 years.

The bad:
The power head needs to be completely reworked. There are 2 main issues with it I saw right off the bat.
The power head has no adjustments for height. This means it works great on the bare floor on medium and high power levels and sucks big time on even the lowest pile carpet.
I have a very short pile area rug in my living room, On normal suction it was almost impossible to move it forward. On high it was absolutely impossible to move it forward. On low power it glided well over that low pile carpet.
Issue number 2, if you have pets or lots of hair from the ladies in the house, then its going to stick to the brush. I have 2 dogs and a cat so lots of hair. I went over the area rug twice and the brush was almost full and had to be cleaned. I can vacuum that same rug 10 times with the dyson and there won’t be even an eighth of that hair that was on the wyze, left on the brush in its powerhead.

Issue 3 is battery life. Now this was its first run so battery life may improve after a few uses. Its first run going over an 8x10 area rug twice, was left at 74%. Now that included about 30 seconds on high power trying to get it to move over that carpet and it would not budge.

Issue number 4 is emptying the bin. Its easy to open but you have to be very careful, there is a rubber seal in the lid that can fall out when its open so if you arent paying attention, you could lose that seal. Very poor design that the seal doesn’t fit tighter.

Issue number 5 the base.
Its just a shell to hold the vacuum. This means you have to manually plug in the charger to it every time you finish. Unlike the dyson that has the charger plug into the base and in turn when putting in the vacuum, it will automatically start charging

Issue 6 is minor, The dyson can charge from almost dead to full in about 3 hours. The wyze took 4 hours to charge up from 25%. Not a huge deal if you can get all your cleaning done in one charge.

The good.

VERY light weight even compared to my dyson v8 cordless stick vacuum.

You don’t have to hold the trigger down while vacuuming, Just fliick it once for on and once again for off. This can actually give you hand fatigue on the dyson. In fact the wyze hand grip is more comfortable then the dysons as well.

The suction I do not feel is on par with the dyson v8. That’s not to say its bad. Its actually pretty close. I have tried a couple of these 100-150 dollar cordless vacuums that say they are just as powerful and they are not. They are usually crap. This one is at least close. That is not bad. The best deal you can find on a new v8 is $300. Granted dyson is on v15 now but who wants to pay $1k for a cordless stick vacuum. So $150 for one that is close to the v8 is a good deal. I think this could be a huge contender IF wyze creates a better powerhead that lets you use normal and high on carpet. Now in wyzes defense, the dyson is very hard to move in high mode also but not impossible like wyze currently is.

I was impressed with low power mode, it got up more than I thought it would. It would have gotten even more if the powerhead wasn’t full of hair as well.

The lights on the powerhead is a nice touch. It works well.

I also like the little cleaning knob on the bottom of the bin its also a nice touch.

In conclusion

My first dyson cordless stick vacuum cost me $500. I thought I was NUTS to pay that. That vacuum has beat every corded vacuum I have owned and beats every robotic vacuum that I have owned. I got 4 years out of the v8 before the battery went to crap and I somehow cracked the casing causing it to lose a lot of suction.
I have had 4 robotic vacuums. Each running 300-600 bucks. None ever lasted me more than 2 years. Most failed within 1 year and I would get a replacement and then that replacement would fail within the second year. Now they did run every day so they saw heavy use but the manufacturers said you should run them like that so they should have held up much longer than 1 year.

The wyze cordless vacuum, IF they fix the powerhead issue will be right up there as a good cheap alternative to dyson

If you have carpet and pets, I don’t think I can recommend the wyze in its current condition, they will have to redesign that powerhead. If no pets but have carpet, just know you will most likely have to use low power and low power seems to do an OK job. Not great, but an OK job.


After using this for many times already, I stand behind my initial post with an addition.

the dust bin has so little room, if you get dog hair above the line, your only option is to twist the filter off and pull it out to get the hair wrapped around it, or stuck to it, off. Not a huge deal but annoying.

I also have to point out again how terrible the design is for that stupid seal around the lid. Just popping the lid open results in the seal falling in the garbage 80% of the time. I am absolutely certain that seal is going to pop out and I not see it and then its gone. Its not a matter of IF, its a matter of WHEN will it happen.

On a positive note,
Battery life did improve slightly.

I didn’t like this vacuum at first but after using it a while I really like it. Yes, the battery life is terrible so you need a spare and since Wyze made it a proprietary design you have no choice but to pay their overpriced option. And yeah, the dust bin gasket is a huge design flaw. I lost mine twice to the trash but luckily realized it was missing and found it before I put the trash out. It’s so easy to initially not see it after it falls out and gets covered in dust. Another issue I have is the curtain cleaning attachment, the brush doesn’t hold in place and gets pushed back too easily while using it.

It’s no Dyson, but overall for the price it’s a good second vacuum, very light and cordless, perfect for minor cleanups. But Wyze needs to make more parts available though. If Wyze comes out with a revised Cordless Vacuum that fixes all the issues this one has, I’d probably buy it.